Question / Help Icecast stream


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Is there a basic tutorial anywhere for setting up an audio only stream to Icecast2?

Settings which work in Virtual DJ are:
Protocol: IceCast
Encoding Quality MP3 - 320 kbps
mount address: /stationname <== I've changed this, it is in the format of / followed by the name
Server Port: 80
Login: [my username] <== Obscured for obvious reasons
Password: [my password] <== Obscured for obvious reasons
Session Name [My Name] <== Obscured for obvious reasons
Everything else is blank.

My understanding is that this can be done through the "Start Recording" function, but I'm happy to try anything!
I'm streaming from one windows 10 laptop to another through NDI, the final adjustments are made on the receiving one. Everything works fine like this for a YouTube live broadcast