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    Question / Help Icecast stream

    Is there a basic tutorial anywhere for setting up an audio only stream to Icecast2? Settings which work in Virtual DJ are: Protocol: IceCast Encoding Quality MP3 - 320 kbps Server: mount address: /stationname <== I've changed this, it is in the format of / followed by...
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    Question / Help Bandwith question - OBS Streaming to Youtube

    Hello! I looked around here in the forums for an answer to this, but never found any concrete answer. I have a shoutcast server that I rent, wanting to use it to stream music to YouTube with an autodj, 24/7. They suggested I could use OBS to stream to YouTube. I found the answer to 'is it...
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    Question / Help Record/Listen to Internet Radio, Audio using a VST Plugin as filter.

    I recently downloaded OBS and tried this having followed a link, but became befuddled with the settings. Simply put is there a preset? ie. browser / internet radio in -> vstplugin filter -> wav/ogg/aac/mp4/opus etc out.....?