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Hello! I looked around here in the forums for an answer to this, but never found any concrete answer. I have a shoutcast server that I rent, wanting to use it to stream music to YouTube with an autodj, 24/7. They suggested I could use OBS to stream to YouTube. I found the answer to 'is it possible to do this' in this thread here , but I have a question:

When I do this, I'm booting up OBS on my computer, right? Is OBS using my bandwidth, or the server's? It says the new source isn't local, But I'm confused as to exactly who's bandwidth it's using. Don't want my ISP telling me I suddenly blew through my entire bandwidth allotment in a week. Thanks for the help.


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Streaming to YouTube using OBS does use Internet traffic, yes.

I'm not sure what you mean by "my bandwidth, or the server's".. what server, the shoutcast server?

If you set up OBS on your PC and add your shoutcast server as a source, then yes, you're using your own Internet bandwidth twice-- that audio content is coming from the shoutcast server to your PC, and then out again to YouTube on your internet connection.

You can't use OBS to send audio directly from a shoutcast server to YouTube without going through your own computer because that's where OBS is running.