Low sound in live broadcasts


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I recently acquired a Solid State Logic 2+ audio interface to improve the sound of my live broadcasts on facebook live, the problem occurred when people who watched my broadcast began to complain that nothing was heard or that the sound was too low. I went crazy checking levels both in the ssl 2+, in windows, in OBS, sample rates, monitor settings, plugins, etc. and although everything was apparently correct, the sound that came out live is still very low and difficult to hear on some devices.

I decided to cut the transmissions until I found the solution and I have not found any information about it. At first I thought it was a defect of the ssl 2+, I checked cables, mics, USB inputs, well ... in short, everything that could be physically defective, and I did not find anything. I contacted a professional sound engineer to see what I could do and he recommended that I check the drivers and settings of the windows system.

I reinstalled everything (laughs), but when testing on facebook live the volume despite being a bit higher does not compare at all with what it should be, I even took out the old Blue Yeti to compare, and left everything exactly the same, I tried that the input levels were as similar to what was visually recorded in OBS and finally the live sound was louder.

I would like to make the clarification that both the levels of the ssl 2+ and the OBS are registered visually normal, it is not as if I was entering low from the source, even I tried recording my voice in Studio One and I verified that it is very possibly a problem of OBS.

I would be very grateful if someone has a solution so that my transmissions on facebook live improve in terms of volume since it is something important for my business model. I already tried to put a gain filter but the quality deteriorates considerably and in any case I would still use the Blue Yeti, which I prefer not to do.