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    Stream from phone on celluar to OBS

    Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but was unable to find much info online. What is the best way to stream from one (or several) phones into OBS over 4G? I want several cameras from "the field" while controlling the multicam from OBS. Should I stream to a third party service and add it...
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    Live stream sports from phone

    Hello, I will go to the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix and the Formula 1 Austrian GP next year. I am planning to live stream parts of it. FlatKrant is a small news site so we do not have 50 subscribers wich you need to broadcast on a mobile phone. That is why is was looking for a way to connect my...
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    Phone calls in OBS (or other systems)

    Sometimes I have to insert a telephone call into a broadcast with a presenter and guests. There are professional systems but until now I have never found a low budget solution. The easiest way is to put the phone on speakerphone and hold it up to a microphone but you clearly have no control. So...
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    Is there a way to view the stream chat from OBS on a cellphone or another computer while livestreaming?

    This is a bit complicated but I'm using some site called melon to livestream on twitch & youtube at the same time. unfortantely melon does not have the ability to display chat from both sites while livestreaming with OBS and they told me i'd have to view the chat through OBS instead, BUT when...
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    Using Samsung S10e as a 4K webcam?

    Is this possible to do? id like to get past the 1080p mark since my phone can record at 4k. How do I do this? all the tutorials I see only go to 1080p...
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    Question / Help Can’t seem to get any app to work that let’s me use phone as webcam

    Hey there :) Not gifted in tech troubleshooting but I watched several YouTube tutorials in about 5 hours of frustration yesterday. I installed droidcam and epoccam and neither of them worked for my laptop and phone. Is there any other apps you would recommend? Thank you for any help!