How to broadcast on a TV with a HDMI cable (help)


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Hello , I'm using OBS Studio since a while but i am only using it to record my screen/voice on my pc and on twitch.
In a few weeks i have to host a concert in my high school , and i have a camera and templates and i want to do the same as real concerts (e.g eurovision) , so i want to stream on a tv thanks to a HDMI cable (= no delay) (and not using YT/Twitch), but idk how to do? Is there a guide for this I have seen yet?
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HDMI means the device is showing up as ordinary monitor to Windows. After connecting, configure Windows to extend the Windows desktop to use the new monitor if it doesn't automatically use it.
Then, in OBS, you can cast the preview, any scene and any source to any monitor by right-clicking it->Fullscreen projector->choose the monitor.

Tomasz Góral

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Without lags ?
not possible.
In my setup i got BMD Quad HDMI and BMD Mini Recorder 4K (maximum 5 HDMI or 4HDMI and 1 SDI input) my delay is 150ms.
If i use mixer like ATEM mini i got 60-80 ms lags.
Every TV has input lags from 20 to 60 ms.