Question / Help Automatic de-interlacer filter for mixed video sources?


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Hi all,

I feed OBS with a live NDI source that contains a mix of Interlaced and Progressive videos.
One program can be Interlaced, and the next may come Progressive.

With no filter applied, the issue is that interlaced video has visible combing effect, but progressive video looks great.
On the other hand, if a de-interlacing filter is applied on the source, then interlaced video looks great, but progressive video jitters and looks ugly.
It's an unattended 24/7 operation, so can't manually turn it ON or OFF as required.

So my question is:
Is there any "smart" de-interlace filter for OBS that checks for "combing" (not for flags) and that can automatically set deinterlacing ON or OFF, depending if the source is interlaced or progressive?

I use OBS Studio 23.2.1.(Win7 64-bit)
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Hi Dimitri,

Have you solved or worked around your problem ? How ?

I am facing a similar issue, with a mix of PsF (25p) and interlaced (50i) sources funneled via a hardware mixer into a 50i stream (the camera producing the latter resolution can't be forced to PsF, even implicitly by using 1/25 shutter speed).
I find myself forced to use some form of deinterlacing, and found that none of the proposed methods leaves the PsF video untouched (no big jittering, but some V resolution loss, more or less noticeable).
I had hoped that YADIF would yield the best result (and be smart enough to leave PsF 'as is'), but this is not the case.

Are there suggestions out there ?


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Hi Dimitri, Have you solved or worked around your problem ?

Unfortunately, I haven't found a solution. I'm now mulling the idea to de-interlace and re-encode all my footage, and feed OBS all video in progressive scan.