1. Synergist

    Yadif x2 frame double deinterlace stops after a while?

    I have a setup where I'm capturing an interlaced source inside OBS from a capture card, applying a filter to do double Yadif deinterlacing (producing 50 progressive frames from the 25i source) then sending over NDI within OBS, as well as producing an audio only NDI source with the audio effect...
  2. tja

    Framerate (1080p30 vs 1080i50)

    hey, we've got a Blackmagic Decklink mini recorder for the camera input. Should I either set it to 1080p30 or 1080i50 ? Which one is better, and how does deinterlacing in OBS work? Best Regards
  3. M

    VHS to digital via OBS or SLOBS with DEINTERLACING+VP9

    Hello! How I can convert VHS (PAL) to MP4(H264) via OBS or SLOBS with deinterlace filter? Avidemux (for example) have exellent deinterlace filters, but I would like to use it in OBS or SLOBS. Do I need any mod or script for deinterlace? And how I can record in OBS or SLOBS using VP9 and OPUS...
  4. greektv

    Question / Help Automatic de-interlacer filter for mixed video sources?

    Hi all, Situation: I feed OBS with a live NDI source that contains a mix of Interlaced and Progressive videos. One program can be Interlaced, and the next may come Progressive. With no filter applied, the issue is that interlaced video has visible combing effect, but progressive video looks...
  5. Q

    Question / Help Frame roulette (flashing objects invisible): No deinterlacing option

    Hi, I stream games from my Xbox One (retro games through Retrix emulator in XB1 dev mode) to the Xbox App to PC. On my PC I capture the game window from the Xbox App to OBS. It works great so far! But when watching the footage I noticed frame roulette on Neo Geo games (flashing objects missing...