1. R

    Question / Help Live Gig Stream frames shake

    Hi friends. Im start make streams with Luve Gigs in Facebook. And i can not find solution to my problem. Problem is a frame flutter. I see it in OBS ans in facebook stream. Here link to the stream: I use hackintosh i7, 16 gbram Gtx 740 Capture devise Blackmagic web presenter Blackmagic...
  2. greektv

    Question / Help Automatic de-interlacer filter for mixed video sources?

    Hi all, Situation: I feed OBS with a live NDI source that contains a mix of Interlaced and Progressive videos. One program can be Interlaced, and the next may come Progressive. With no filter applied, the issue is that interlaced video has visible combing effect, but progressive video looks...
  3. greektv

    Question / Help Streaming RTMP interlaced SD

    Hi All. I'm feeding OBS a live video source in NTSC 480i (interlaced) Standard Definition, Encoding in H.264 NVENC, and streaming to RTMP server to be received by IPTV streaming players. The issue is that the HLS feed, say from our Roku TV channel, is not interlacing. I see combing effect even...