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  1. P

    Question / Help Is is possible to read file line by line?

    Hi, I got file which updates once per time. File contains top donaters for last month, for example, and each data written in new lines, like this: person1 : 100 $ person2 : 30 $ person3 : 20 $ etc.. Is it possible to read those values to OBS one by one, line by line with some delay, for...
  2. Ted_Appleseed_Liu

    OBSTimeBud for Mac - Display Current Time 1.0 Beta 1

    You've probably heard and used some of the date/time plugins for OBS on Windows, like Snaz. There's plenty of options for Windows. However, if I wasn't wrong, there's currently no any OBS plugin for macOS that can help us to display some information like current time in our livestream...
  3. RedW0lf007

    Free OBSCurrentSong (Spotify) V1.28

    Displaying the current song playing on Spotify! Usage. 1. Create a folder and extract the zip file in the folder. 2. Open OBSCurrentlyPlaying.exe 3. Go to OBS create a text source then press tick "Read from file" then select the text file where you placed in the folder you first created...