1. R

    Free MultiTally for Feelworld

    Download for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pro.fodor.multitally Download for iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/multitally-for-feelworld/id6475365854 This is an unofficial Tally Light app for Feelworld devices. See which camera is Live and Selected on your video...
  2. H

    Best Of 3 Tally Mark Counter Using 3 Hyphens

    Need help making an obs script that has me and a friend stumped, I'm not a coder so keep that in mind if I make no sense. The idea behind it is that there are 3 text sources, one will be red team and one will be blue team. The last text will be the blank white to show no points were scored on...
  3. H

    OBS-Websocket Tally Light α [Deleted]

    HewelDesign submitted a new resource: OBS-Websocket Tally Light - OBS-Websocket Tally Light Read more about this resource...
  4. DeckerEgo

    OBS Python TallyOBS: Push scene changes to WiFi-enabled tally lights 1.4.0

    A network controlled tally light for cameras, intended for control directly from OBS. Rather than having the lights hit a web gateway hosted by OBS, this reaches out directly to the tally lights and controls them over HTTP. This does not use the websocket plugin and there is no need to open up...
  5. M

    Semi-free 3D Printable Wired Tally Light System for OBS (Arduino, RGB LED's & OBS Websocket) 3.2.4

    Project Overview This project utilizes a Windows .NET app, OBS websocket plugin, Arduino Pro Micro, WS2812 RGB LEDs, and 3D printed hardware to build an inexpensive OBS Tally Light system that is power efficient and relatively easy to get up and running. The tally lights themselves are designed...
  6. josephdadams

    Free Tally Light Software version 1.3

    I have created a free tally light solution that is compatible with OBS (and other sources). It is designed to let you configure multiple incoming tally sources like OBS or a video switcher (ATEM, Carbonite, etc.), and aggregate them together. You can view tally output on a browser, phone, or...
  7. theGamer93

    OBSTally - Tally-Lights using RaspberryPI GPIOs

    Hello, as I searched for this and did not found something simple I hacked it together myself. 10h ago I didn't know anything about OBS-Websocket or Python. So if there are errors or things to improve, go ahead and do an push request. :) https://github.com/denizkoekden/OBSTally It uses the...
  8. kevink

    Bug Report [Lost post, reposted in the right place] NDI Preview Tally sent if Multiview is opened.

    Hello OBS-Community, NDI supports Tally-Lights for Preview and Program, so the camera can display if it is on air or about to go on air. OBS sends these Tally-Notifications, but it also sends a preview tally in multiview when the NDI Source is not in preview. I have taken a few screenshots to...
  9. P

    Free Raspberry Pi Tally 1

    Raspberry Pi Tally light. Howto read https://github.com/peterfdej/OBSpiTally/blob/master/README.txt
  10. LeftBased

    Free TallyCounter

    I was looking for a utility to keep count basically a tally counter that outputs to a txt file. And I decided to create my own utility and decided to leave it open source and free. I did make changes after I was testing it. So now people make custom tally counter messages. It can be used for...