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Free TallyCounter

I was looking for a utility to keep count basically a tally counter that outputs to a txt file.
And I decided to create my own utility and decided to leave it open source and free.
I did make changes after I was testing it. So now people make custom tally counter messages.
It can be used for Pokemon / whatever game. It's a custom tally counter.

The code is available for those who prefer to customize or compile their own binaries.
There is a binary supplied. The program is coded in C#. Anybody can easily read the code.
I released the code under the MIT License. So whoever wants to improve on it can.
I feel the code is complete for usage. Haven't had any issues with it.


Sourcecode: Download
Binary (EXE): Download
Project: Link to Project Page

Virustotal: Link
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Latest reviews

Thank you very much for revealing your source code and for your efforts.

In private opinion, we need to improve as follows.

I need a quick button that I can designate at my disposal.

You can specify a random button on a physical input device, such as a keyboard or an Xbox pad.

When broadcasting a full-screen game, using the shortcut button requires action.

And your program looks very simple and nice,

It is necessary for the majority to add simple installation and usage.

Perhaps the lack of such elements has left streamers with little response.

It was written through translation. Please understand even if it's not enough.