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I have created a free tally light solution that is compatible with OBS (and other sources). It is designed to let you configure multiple incoming tally sources like OBS or a video switcher (ATEM, Carbonite, etc.), and aggregate them together. You can view tally output on a browser, phone, or tablet, and you can use blink(1) USB lights on a Pi Zero for tally over Wifi. It also supports GPO output, contact closure relays, etc. In order to work with OBS, it requires the websocket plugin.
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  1. Version 1.5 is now available

    Many updates have been done since I last posted here about Version 1.3. You can find all the...
  2. Version 1.3 now available

    This version supports sending tally data to a cloud server, feedback/control with Bitfocus...

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Deployed on a raspberry pi and the server has been working fantastic. thanks!