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OBS Lua Countdown.lua 1.2

I modified the script that comes with the version of OBS Studio released in Jan 2018, adding the field "Start Text", that writes something before the figures of the countdown.

The result is a thing like this one:

The lines I added, into the script, are commented "-- TORMY" so that if there is any further improvement you can do, you know where are the modifications I made.

To install it: just rename the old one, extract the new one from the ZIP and put it into the directory where the old one is.

I consider the original one as version 1.0
Thus with my mod, I consider it 1.1

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Works fantastic! One note, you don't need to replace the old countdown script if you don't want to. Just download this one and add it add it as is to the list of scripts
Was not expecting it to work, nice!