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GameMaster is a Python-based sports scoreboard tool for OBS. In addition to basic scoring functionality, GameMaster can also manage game times, periods, and any other stats or variables related to the sport at hand using a simple JSON configuration file.

Quick-start guide
GameMaster is distributed using a single executable installer. Following the provided instructions with the installer should produce no errors and install correctly.
Windows installation instructions
  1. Download the GameMaster installer from our GitHub releases page. v2.1.0 and later include an automatic update check, so you'll now know if a new version is available.
  2. Run the installer and follow the installation directions.
  3. We recommend that you install GameMaster into the default location, which, in this instance, will be in your local applications folder.
  4. When the installation is complete, a GameMaster setup tool will run which will allow you to setup up your own config file or pick from a list of examples. It may take a moment to start. Follow all setup instructions.
  5. Review the newly-created config file before finishing the setup tool.
  6. Following the conclusion of the setup tool, GameMaster will reload and appear populated as you configured it.
  7. To use the outputs in OBS, just create OBS text sources that "Read from file", and select whichever of the output files you want.

Planned Features

Next UpdateNear-termLong-term
HotkeysScoreboard overlay creatorSound board
Settings tabConfig preset uploaderGraphical scoreboard output (flask)
Player details
Alarm options
Mac version

Release notes:
  • QoL fixed and changes
    • Added splash-screen on startup (aa9b266)
    • Fixed outdated client compatibility (8696fef) #4
    • Added automatic update checks (4bf0c80)
    • News system for sending announcements to clients (2dc0fad)
    • Moved completely over to Ttk (f6b1018)
  • Reworked a lot of the timing functionality
    • Added Stop-watch and count-up functionality (28bfa7f) #5
    • Changed overflow handling (d5f7bc2)
    • Example configs have been updated accordingly (0328aa4)
    • Slightly improved update and config error handling (fbd23be)
    • GameMaster app will reflect minutes output when MM:SS is selected (9161449)
    • Opted to just remove clear-time warning for now (8a91fab)
  • Fixed some bugs (139b85c, f4ccc54, 9f32ce7)
    • fixed text being written to files in ANSI instead of Unicode (28a8fd0)
    • fixed source code check (b06b6db)
    • fixed 60 minutes bug (dcd9a58) #6
    • fixed discord link issue (2711098)
    • fixed a bad try... except during config loading (c879277)
    • fixed leftover threads on exit (4b6c905)
  • Added a first-run only donation request
    • Triggered by closing the app following the first run (9944049)
    • After the first run, this will be disabled by a config file. Removing the object or file will cause the popup to show one more time
  • uwu
    • uwu (4161a6b)
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Latest updates

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