1. Tpal

    simplyGray | Dark theme with customizable highlight color 1.3.1

    simplyGray key points: space efficiency a modern & clean look. customizability Make it yours! just set your preferred color. Examples: Variables: highlight | background color active on: statechange -> like start streaming highlightedText | text color: active -> if highlight is active...
  2. TheLittleDoctor

    Free GameMaster v2.1.1

    GameMaster is a Python-based sports scoreboard tool for OBS. In addition to basic scoring functionality, GameMaster can also manage game times, periods, and any other stats or variables related to the sport at hand using a simple JSON configuration file. Quick-start guide GameMaster is...
  3. Deviaphan

    Free Versus Ⓡevolution scoreboard 2.3

    A scoreboard overlay to your live stream. You can create own themes for any games with simple html5/css3 files. support link 1: support link 2: donation alerts I need your feedback and reviews, this is important for further development and improvements. Step-by-step instructions for...