1. M

    Plugin dock not docking

    Hi, I am trying to create a dock that will dock instead of just float. From looking at the documentation, there is an API call that should do it: QDockWidget *dock = new QDockWidget("My Dock"); QTextEdit *field = new QTextEdit(); field->setText("My Field")...

    Free (With Signup) Animated Browser Overlays with Dockable Controls

    Animated Overlays with Control Panels Live overlays for streaming - OBS Tool Description With you can edit and animate your overlays with easy-to-use dockable control panels. Explore and try any overlays for free without the need to sign up. Signing up for a free account allows...
  3. Ashmanix

    Ashmanix Countdown Timer 1.3.3

    For the most up to date user instructions view the wiki at: This plugin is designed to allow you to use a text source in OBS to show a countdown timer that updates in real time. The plugin appears as a dockable widget and comes with options...
  4. Ashmanix

    Plugin Not Docking Properly

    I've been developing a countdown timer app in c++ and have used the Qt framework to programatically build a dockable widget that then gets attached to the OBS parent window using obs_frontend_add_dock function. If I don't set the dock to floating and have it show when initialised the dock seems...
  5. Krusty4President

    Having the Tracks routing table as a dockable object?

    Hi. Often I need to change tre routing of audio tracks depending on how many audio sources I need to record. Is there a faster way than going to Advanced audio properties every time? Can I get it as a dock you think?
  6. R

    [Solution for In-App video switcher] Multiview for SOURCES

    Feature Name: Advanced Source Switcher & Source Multiview (dockable/window/fullscreen) Caution: Bad English grammar ahead. Abstract Multiview for multiple scenes is already great, I know. But it's inefficient if you plan to use 1 scene per camera and it looks unorganized and intimidating if I...
  7. J

    Question / Help Drag docks does not work most of the time

    Hi I am trying to drag my docks around on the OBS interface on my Mac. I can grab the top of each dock and remove it from the interface, but then it gets stuck out as seperate window and I can not get it to drop back into the interface again. Sometimes it will work (1 out of 25 times), but...