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I am trying to drag my docks around on the OBS interface on my Mac.

I can grab the top of each dock and remove it from the interface, but then it gets stuck out as seperate window and I can not get it to drop back into the interface again.

Sometimes it will work (1 out of 25 times), but most of the time as I drag the dock over the interface, nothing happens.

Is there any key combo that will force an undocked dock to jump back into the interface somewhere.



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Not that I'm aware of. Just the View > Docks > Reset UI that returns the entire interface to default, and will collapse all palettes to their docked state.


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I have the same issue. I've found that quitting OBS then reopening gets you another chance to dock the floating window in the main UI. Something that should be done before broadcasting, definitely not something you should mess with while livestreaming.


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Go to > view > docks > and check if the "lock UI" is marked. If yes, unmark it and you can resize your docks.


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Yes I experience this problem constantly, most of the time you cannot get it to trigger the dock behavior, it just stays as a popout. When you finally do, it is nearly impossible to resize the dock no matter where you click and drag. Lock UI is NOT marked. It's an intermittent behavior problem so it's not a feature and I don't believe this is user error.


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Hello Everyone: I am also experiencing this problem, on a fresh OBS install and macOS Monterey/12.0.1. I have been testing and setting all my Scenes and Sources, and OBS UI Layout on Windows, and just spent a very frustrating morning trying to recreate the same OBS layout on the Mac system.

I would be interested in knowing if this affects overall OBS operation - does it still perform on a Mac or is this a 'showstopper'? Or, has anyone found a workaround?

Tony N.


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hi there! im having the same experience on MacOS as well (Monterey 12.2). it was very frustrating at first. if this is specific to the MacOS UI, using trackpad vs external mouse does not seem to matter.

however, ive consistently found that closing/reopening OBS resolves things for me, at least until ive adjusted a few views. hope this helps!

it's also worth noting that some views only fit in certain areas - pretty sure this is a separate matter completely. the Stats view needs a fat horizontal space (it only fits above, for me). the smallest views (Twitch Stats, etc) don't fit down the sides, unless you put a taller view (like Activity Feed) there first.


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Whatever window manager OBS is using on Mac needs a complete overhaul. Trying to align windows in OBS on a vertically aligned monitor is near impossible and things do not scale correctly.


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I‘m having this same issue on Mac. When I undock something to move it or resize it, OBS won’t allow me to dock it again.


Seems I've had the same problem for years, regardless of the OBS version or which MacOS. I'm now running 27.2.4. on a M1 Mac mini with Monterey and the docks are still finicky at best. One suggestion, is to take the OBS screen full screen before trying to rearrange or add/subtract docks (after, of course, unlocking the Dock UI). Full screen seems to work better.


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I found that if I stretch my OBS Studio window a little bit, it seems to reset the UI to be able to resize the docks. But I have to do that each time I want to resize a dock.
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