Ashmanix Countdown Timer

Ashmanix Countdown Timer v1.2.0

This update includes the following changes:
- Added an en-US ini files (used for translations) which duplicates the GB translations
- Added a pt-BR Portuguese translation - contributed by @eribertomota
- Fixed a bug where the configuration of the plugin wasn't saving if an existing save directory didn't already exist. Configurations should now save when closing and opening OBS.
- Removed some code causing error logs when running on Linux

Note: I have included the zip file for the Windows version of the plugin (along with the usual installation file) for anyone who wishes to load the plugin in a different folder from the default used by the installer.
This update adds the following features:
- Countdown to time: You can now set a time for the counter to count down to.
- Hotkeys: You can set hotkeys for all the buttons used in the plugin.
This release fixes an issue where OBS would crash when shutting down due to the plugin trying to release a non existent source.