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Great job, thanks for supporting everyone that have been waiting for this plug-in....

Thank you
The Move Transition plug-in allows creative transitions in OBS and more. With the 2.7.2 update Move Transition can control the Insta360 link web cam . This opens up new options for creative camera control.
Works like charm, many ways to improve quality of life usage (StreamDeck, Shortcuts, etc)., feedback is appreciated and may be added to a future release. Really nice project of a kind developer worth supporting :)
Heavily convenient for me! Has all sorts of functions from scene switching to audio volume control.
Does exactly what it says on the tin! Can't wait to see what additions you add in the future. Keep it up <3
Works nice, but I always hear a 2nd audio play after another audio plays first. Anyone know how to fix?
hey all. LOVE THIS PLUGIN. is there a working version for Mac obs 28?
only not yet for arm mac
I tried similar things such as streaming via SRT, or NDI. but OBS doesn't support audio, video stream encapsulation with anything eles but mpegts via any transport protocol such as SRT, RIST. NDI only supports compressed codec, which uses CPU. none of them supports uncompressed video streaming. (NDI supports lossless audio). I'd really like to see supporting uncompressed video codec. so that true encoding offload can be achived. if so, I'm willing to buy 5GbE, or 10GbE ethernet cards.
Appears to perfectly apply or counter lens barrel distortion or the fisheye effect, and as a simple to use filter, very nice!
I want to love this....but sadly right now it crashes as soon as OBS opens due to the TouchPortal problem that others have posted about. Hopefully this will get updated to fix the conflict!
Not only does this tool work, the author is very responsive with support. He worked with me to get it working for CamLink 4K. He even bought the device so that he could support it!
An amazing plugin from an amazing programmer.
Great tool. Missing one thing ... I would love for the ability for a transition for going out. I can fade in, but it just cuts out, I would like to configure that.
excellent !
Excellent software and worth every penny paid, I recommend it 100%... in fact, I think it's fair that the complete software is now paid, because in addition to valuing the great work done by the developer, it is also a way of encouraging him to always be improving this already great app!
Everything fine now. Thanks for sharing. Great Plugin
Thanks for the review. Glad it is working for you.
no worky with OBS 28.1.2, M1 Mac.
I loved the plugin in previous versions of OBS.
But since OBS 28 (yes, I updated the plugin :D) I have the following problem: When I move a fader in the audio mixer or audio monitor panel, I suddenly get an extremely high CPU load, the sound stutters and OBS crashes after a short time. This happens no matter how the plugin is set.
If I remove the audio monitor filter from the sound source, the problem no longer exists. Therefore, unfortunately not usable right now, I hope it will be fixed quickly!
Was very satisfied so far!
amazing plugin Exeldro
Thank you so much