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When it’s going to be in russian
I feel the need to again say how incredibly useful this plugin is -- of all the plugins for OBS this is one of the most magical and game changing. And I wanted to also thank exeldro for the new websock commands that let us change the keyer scene -- i'm finding that very useful. thank you again.
Damn paywall crap. I will leak this software everywhere i can, so no one has to pay money to this crap developer!!
Then enjoy no further updates! Really just shouting yourself in the foot by doing that.
Thanks so muchhhh !!!!!!!
I love this plug-in! Works great with one of my IP cameras. I have another PTZ camera (Roc20 by Rocware) that connects only with USB. The camera responds if I go to the source, properties, configure video, camera control within OBS.. I have not been successful configuring it with this plugin so wondering if it is even possible?
Thanks for the review. I'm glad it's working for you.

Most USB cameras use the UVC protocol for PTZ control. The plugin doesn't support UVC yet, but it is something I want to add.
Previously used a tool I have written myself with a window capture, but happily deprecated it for this plugin, since it has more features and is directly integrated into OBS, giving it also better performance. Have been using it for a while already and hasn't failed me ever since.
Works very well and is a nice alternative to NDI.
very good plugin... but unfortunately i can't select cells, hoovering doesn't show the green border. i can't select multiple cells to obtain a bigger cell for preview or program. no way to reset the view. is there a configuration file to edit?
obs 29.0.2 on Ubuntu 22.04 xorg.
Try right clicking and then dragging your mouse
I liked the update
As always: ExEldro rules!

- Quite perfect plugin, but makes OBS (29.0.2 on WIN10 and 11) crash on "exit".
- If the "Source" is a "Group", it doesn't list group members as when the source is a "Scene".

When you use "Downstream Keyer", you load in its panel(s) 1 or more Scenes and you can toggle between them, but if a "Scene" has multiple "Sources" you cannot see and/or toggle them individually.

So you install "Source Toggler" (fantastic Lua script!).
But now you need to keep always open a window in which the "Sources" to toggle are presented without clicking always back to the "Scene" the contains them all.

Here it comes this plugin: "Source Dock".
Now you can show that window always open as a Dock member!
- if the its "Source" is a "Scene" = perfect!
- if the its "Source" is a "Group" = void window!

To circumvent the limitation to not have the list with the "eye" and "gear" icons, you need to select in "Source Dock" a "Scene" with "nested scenes" and let "Source Toggler" script to do its job in those "nested scenes". In fact "Source Toggler" works in both "Scenes Sources" and "Group Sources".

--- A MUST HAVE ---
"Source Dock" + "Downstream Keyer" + "Source Toggler".
In one solution: a "Master Overlayer" (??).

The 3 together are a "must have" as standard OBS distribution, obviously in my opinion. You would have more than the 4 overlays available in vMx with a granular show/hide toggler.

ExEldro rules!
This thing is amazing!
If you are running a lot of Pictures and use the "Unload image when not showing" option, this Plugin is a must-have!

Same as @dynamiteandy, would love to have this for Media-Sources too, as i use these mostly for some GIF's instead of image-source.

Would even pay for it :D
Absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for this piece of art. Love it!!
This is really great for tutorials! I used the input-history preset and it's great! It's so easy to use set up! Enabled WebSocket forwarding, disabled gamepad hook, added input-history browser source, BAM! Thank you so much for this!
Thanks so much for this resource. It's really sensational.

I need a feature to slow down "PAN/TILT" for right side and left side of PTZ NEIOD camera (VISCA)
Thanks for the review.
If you go into the settings dialog, you should find a "Pan/Tilt Maximum Speed" slider which will limit how fast the camera moves.
The original skins take too much precious screen space, very happy that someone is doing this, it works well!
Amazing! I have been looking for this for a long time!
This is precisely what I needed for those nights I get the urge to sit back and chill with some Music and Rocket League. It's stupidly easy to set up and use and it only took a minute or two to figure out how to add only the audio I wanted.

Now I can listen to any music I want and stream without worry about getting bombarded with dozens of copyright strikes.
I've tried a lot of different apps to be able to use my tablets to control OBS and I always come back to this one. No other let you control everything in such a great way as this. To be able to control the actual filters in OBS to how easy it is to setup. It's amazing. And it isn't just for OBS. It let you control Streamlabs, XSplit as well. Even let you control your philips hue lights and photoshop. Well, with shortcuts basically any program/game.