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The plugin exports not only the scene, but also any source media, .lua scripts or plugins that your scene contains, which is very handy when moving from one laptop to another!

It can also create up to 999 backup versions of your scene. The .json file is automatically saved in the main OBS scene folder.

Thank you Exeldro for this germ
Its very good can agree but if have stumbled across an error when you remove the zoom in the transition it breaks my webcam and it disapears for a second and makes the transtition look not the best but on the whole the plugin is amazing
This new version is not compatible with the vmix mini switcher keyboard and obs, it does not recognize the keyboard as the previous version 2.3.0 did. Is there any improvement solution?
As others mentioned, i had the Python script to mousezoom in mind that to implement i failed and now i wanted to give it a new try.
Big surprise! Foolproof implementation, smooth functioning, very easy to configure! Excellent!
Works perfectly, very convenient, thank you!
I don't even know why this is not a default feature... Works like a charm
The GOAT plugin
Absolutely brilliant. Never again will i use a PNG image as a mask in OBS. Don't understand why this wasn't a thing sooner.
i love u why i was searching something like this so easy
The plugin works very well on macOS, it's a personalized internet dock. Follow videos on YouTube to learn how to install it. I followed this video to install it on macOS (
The .lua script works well, I can find all the hotkeys in OBS' setting window.
To have access to your logos in the plugin, they need to be placed in the same plugin folder. Move the plugin folder to somewhere you know it can't be moved or deleted, otherwise all links will be broken.
Have fun, great plugin 5 stars!
Great script, very useful, I use it for several "Move" filters. I can now move objects in the program by pressing hotkeys. Be sure to specify in the settings that OBS Studio does not listen to the keyboard when you have OBS Studio in the background, so you don't unintentionally call a hotkey when typing a text.
just fantastic
Good script, I love it!
Works great. It's so simple to use, it's my webcam effect default.
Why can't I show/hide the filter with a hotkey? It doesn't appear in the hotkey list
Help: Can this tool be set not to display milliseconds, but only hours, minutes and seconds? For me, milliseconds are not needed. It is a bit annoying.
Way better than the pre-installed version of VirtualCam of OBS, it just runs better, more accurate and it consumes less CPU than that one! Overall improvement!
The only thing I miss is a sound alarm for the end of the time
Was working on my own (extremely outdated plugin) for past hour before finally discovering this gem. Worked right away, no issues and does exactly what I wanted by grabbing names from Window/Game capture.
Excellent plugin! Thank you Exeldro for making our work on OBS easier :)
To make logos work, they have to be in the logos subfolder of the plugin.