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Seems like it's a great work behind.
How can I make it work on my dual pc setup? I am kind of a noob into such topics...
A settings icon is missing though, maybe a quick update soon?! :)
Thank you!!! Worked out of the box on a Mac Mini M1. This was exactly what I needed, and StreamFX had become too much of a headache to keep current. Once again I have a suspended camera pointing at my whiteboard with no keystone -- perfect for Zoom meetings.
Saves a ton of space in my OBS, 5 points for that alone. The only thing I would like is a settings gear, purely to save exactly half a second =)
Everything one could want - and more! Thanks for a professional-level, complete, well-designed and well-functioning plugin. I tried several others to achieve blur effects, and this one is most excellent.
hallo, this is a good plugin. if you guys find any issue like :
1. OBS crashes when close the app after installing this pluing = close the games first then close the OBS (in this case I've using source record in game capture)
2. when you can find hot key to activate replay buffer for source record = make sure to close the OBS, then launch the game, open the OBS and set game capture to capture the game u want to stream or record then close the game first and now the OBS, and launch the game again following OBS, then bind the hotkey for replay buffer of Source record.
3. if u facing encoder overload try to use HEVC encoder in source record to capture and let the H264 for stream.

and that's it. follow my twitch:
Simple to use when you know what you are doing with RTMP streams. A great alternative to RTMP proxies that are either expensive or too locked down for hosted ones, or very tedious to set up if you want more control (especially if you do not have experience in self-hosting).

It misses the automated setup like native OBS – for beginners, but honestly, if you already found this plugin by its name, it probably means that you know at least what you are doing.


Also, don't mind the review below. They probably don't know how to audit code to attest its safety, or they didn't notice that there is a zipped package to install it manually as an alternative to the Nullsoft Installer, which is indeed triggered by VirusTotal, but might be a false positive.

The zipped package and the .dll file (which is the actual plugin) are safe according to VirusTotal:
This plugin it quite literally OP! It is stunning and is jam packed full of features. I can guarantee anybody using OBS NEEDS this plugin. Great job FiniteSingularity. Keep up the great work! <3
Amazing! Finally, the perfect blur effect we were all waiting for :) Thanks!
And the plugin God does it again
Bro really pulled a Thanos and said 'Fine, I'll do it myself' and saved the plugin. Good on you bro, good on you.
Best timer out there! Includes * a LOT * of options. Developer responds to issues quickly. Amazing!
Works like a charm! TY! Also, someone made a video on how to adjust the filters:
Mac OS downloader is broken! Package has nothing inside of it.

Would love to be able to use this!
Avoid it at all cost! Scummy tactics from the dev and due to these now we can't trust him anymore...use other alternatives
Great tool for making my show really great. LOVE IT! Easy to use, boost productivity by making show planning simple and storable.
Good to know the tool has value. Thanks for using it.
Great Plugin thx.
Make sure that you install it on right direction & then go to TOOLS in obs then to SCRIPTS & then load the plugin with the "+" and it shows up in the filters section !

you wont see it if you dont load it maually in obs via SCRIPTS