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I love it! When I start working with a plugin sometimes it's not straight forward. Sometimes the default setting doesn't give me much to go on. I sometimes think it might not be intended for my Mac. However, after playing around with it I might get it to work. I was thinking wouldn't it be great if I could take "notes" to remember the settings if I don't go back to it for a while and VOILA! I remembered I had downloaded Exeldro's plugin a while back and this allows me to do this! Thank You Exeldro!
Paywalling current versions despite OBS not working with the latest stable releases is not a good move, just as others already said. I will stop using this plugin for now...
StreamFX requires funding to be maintained and this was the only available way at the time. Without funding StreamFX would have recieved no further updates.
Such a powerful tool. Thank you!
Exeldro always saving the day :)
This plugin served me well in the past but I can no longer recommend it for general use.
I used StreamFX for a single source and filter. I don't need 90% of what StreamFX offers, and I would rather not have to jump through a bunch of hoops and/or paywalls, while also potentially dealing with the usual open source developer mindset that is unfortunately common (ie. your feedback or issue is bad or wrong, our code is infallable and free of issues, nothing is ever our fault and is always the users fault. If you have a problem then code it yourself), just to use a single filter on the latest stable version of OBS 29.
Currently, the only version for OBS 29 is officially available via Patreon. I don't have a problem with paywalling of pre-release versions in general, however when the latest stable version of StreamFX hasn't been updated for over 2 (likely will be 3) stable versions of OBS, that's where the move towards monetization becomes sour for me.
Seeing how there hasn't been a stable release for so long, I consider StreamFX to be depricated and should be treated as such. I highly suggest finding alternatives wherever possible. Source Clone by exeldro is a great alternative to Source Mirrors, and is what I am now using.
StreamFX is still actively updated, thanks to the funding acquired through the current monetization model. Without funding, StreamFX would have ceased to recieve any and all updates permanently.

Patrons currently can use pre-releases and recieve support for it, but Public support is limited to Stable features and versions. The publicly available wiki also lists all features and their current status (Experimental, Unstable, Stable, Deprecated, Removed) and we always say to not use non-Stable features in production. We know they're broken, we've warned about it, and if you fail to heed that warning it is on you.
Lol paywall even when the plugin keep lagging behind the current version of OBS, making it unusuable, dev went nuts.
As development and maintenence of a plugin takes time, and time is not free, funding is required to ensure updates can even happen. Patrons can already use versions that fully support OBS 29.0.
I don't know if this has happened to anyone else, but my Soundboard crashes when I use stinger transitions when switching between scenes.
For example: when I open OBS Studio the Soundboard works fine, but as soon as I make a transition from one scene to another, it doesn't work anymore. That is, it does not play the sound when I select it and in no other way.
To fix it I have to close the OBS and run it again, but when I make the transition it crashes again.
I've noticed that when I build a new collection of scenes from scratch, it works fine for a period of time, but then it crashes again.

Additionally, on the page it says that the latest version is 1.1.1 but when I download the file it is 1.1.0
Can you correct this?
If these errors are corrected, I would give it 5 stars.
I hope they correct it soon. I like the Soundboard.
My review was yet again removed by an admin.
Love the plugin, hate the monthly fee to get access to the newest builds. Would prefer a 1 time payment option with access to all future builds.
We offer the option to build from source, as with any open source project. A one time fee is not possible for continous development, especially with "inflation". The one time license fee is your time it takes to build it yourself.
This is a great plugin which works exactly as expected. Thank you!
hello universallp I see 3 folders one that is data and one that is obs plugins and the other that says io client and there is a program do you know what that program is for
It's for people that use multiple computers when streaming. It sends inputs from one computer to another.
Good job boss, put in my suggestions as well as many more, works perfect for my use case. All the other lua scripts like this just slightly missed the mark in one way or another, but iisxiao listened and got it working perfectly IMO. Quality developer.
thanks, appreciate that man.
Wonderful presentation. My only wish would be to have the 'Replay Buffer' option available. :)
Used this a lot in the older OBS versions. Just wanted to thank the dev. Looking forward to the next stable release. Don't let the hate get to you. The people complaining about the "paywall" are the same people that would complain about buggy "unstable" releases if they were to download an alpha version.
I love this plugin it is very useful, My question to the creator is the payment is in patreon?
Stable versions (v0.11.1) are available for free. Pre-release versions, at least in binary form, currently require supporting the project on Patreon.
Very good. But it lacks some advanced features like the way to add a global note for all notes, and a way to automatically save notes in HTML files with the name of the scene, to avoid bloating the scene collection with extra lines (it can be already heavy if we had tens of scenes).
Keep going. I don't want this project to drop.
It's very good plugin. I would love to see two additional features, which would allow to make better setups:
1. Making "wildcard" rules, for example: From any scene which has "MS -" in name by typing "*MS - *" in "From"
2. Priorities - right now I have colliding rules with the "Any" setting, and it chooses not the one I want.
+5 Stars for the Plug-In, -3 for the developers behavior, -1 for the paywall (there was just 1 Star left, 1 is the minimum, otherwise there would be more stars removed for the paywall).
A free model is not sustainable. Exposure doesn't pay bills and rent. Pretty sure we can all agree on that.
I'd be more than happy to pay for the software with a one time fee, but I can't afford yet another monthly subscription.
Stable versions are still free. Nothing forces you to upgrade and use pre-releases.