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I love this! I can finally replace an old, clunky design I have been using for months. My only request is if there was a way to have a large cooldown between the last and first on a set of memory switches? I love using this as a social media placer, but I would rather it populate at certain times than be on a continuous loop back to back simply because I don't want the cooldown between individual switches to be long.

Also, if there is a way to use it between scenes differently, as in the 2 tabs I use in my Main scene need to have different colors for it to be used in an intermission scene, or have a background that's not an image source for contrast. Just something that isn't the same as the other scene. Again, I am not sure if this is possible, but if it is, I probably don't know about it lol.
Thx, that's good plugin for broadcasts. =)
Ok, you showed us how to make essentially a blacklist for audio recording; now what I'm looking for, though, is how to make a whitelist for audio recording (on obs possibly), is it doable? If so HOW???
I`ve tested it and just work smooth.

I`m excited with possibilities of customization using CSS and creating a custom docks for control everything on my own News Cgs.

Thank you!
Doesn't work on any sort of incoming signal, only VLC and other media, so I have to give this the lowest rating. No fix on the github, can't use the app as intended. Please remove features that don't work.
I'm not going to remove a feature just because it didn't work for you
Great ! Thanks !!
Great stuff. I've just made a home-made studio light which uses a bench power supply and this noise filter cuts the fan noise perfectly!
Works just as described.

Is it possible to make it show up when a new song starts and after a couple of seconds hide itself to then show up when next song starts?
Love this plugin, but I'm having the same issue Icalder is having. It also crashes my OBS if I try to delete any filters directly below a "move source" filter, so now I'm stuck with filters I don't even use/need.
Please provide me a crashlog or detailed steps to reproduce the bug, because I have not been able to reproduce the bug myself.
So powerfull ! Thank you
Really simple and usefull ! Thank you
Not sure how I missed this until now. It reduces latency of an RTSP camera source from ~1140ms (builtin rtsp source) through ~400ms (VLC source) to ~60ms (gstreamer source)! Awesome plugin!
OBS will be suck without this plugin! @Exeldro you Rock! \m/
Fantastic Brother <3 Love it!
Me parece brillante lo que hicieron, sigo todos los pasos pero no logro activar el panel, tengo hace OBS Live sera ese el problema?
Incredible set of features. So powerful!

For some reason, the audio and video are synchronized upon first playback, but when it automatically repeats the audio is always 1 to 2 seconds behind... I can time the delay in my video editor if it would help to debug this. Just let me know.
This is provides all the features one could dream of, the lack of which makes the stock scene switcher almost unusable....

latest update 1.8 has been crashing my OBS over 10 times today, and I can't figure out why. When I rolled back to the 1.7 version the crashes stopped. I know that's not very helpful from a debugging perspective though...
I am sorry about these crashes - would you be able to share log files / crash logs? (I sent you a message)
A very powerful plugin. I have a window capture that I like to reposition and scale according to the layout of the zoom window which changes constantly with each student, it seems. So I have created several move filters for that scene containing the zoom window, and have a single hotkey which cycles between them, however it does seem like my window coordinate settings keep getting lost...

Also, if you want to crash OBS, all you have to do is reorganize the move transition filters using the up or down icons in the list of filters and it will crash... Hopefully this is an easy bug to fix...
I can't seem to replicate the crash you mention. Please provide me an OBS crash log file so I can investigate the crash.
it was good until i kept getting an error saying failed to input pls fix