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cool plugin, but i cant play same audio twice in a row with hotkeys, only works if i swap it with another audio, but thats not what i want
It will will conect to youtube but not stream to youtube and with facebook i need to add the stream key every time when i go live
And i'm using OBS 30.1.2

I think it needs a UPDATE
incredibly disappointing to see this plugin go down like that.

While there are (for me in Germany) 1€ and 5,50€ Patreon options, access to StreamFX is only included starting at the 11€/month tier.
And that's just bad...
For Neon in Themes
it would look so much better if u made it dark themed.
I am using OBS 30.1.2 and it is not working. Need more guide on how to integrate the plugin with the latest OBS versions.
Apple Music for Windows support would be nice. It works using WMC but will not display artist or album names even though it doesn't say they aren't supported. Also if there's no artwork for a song, it just keeps the previous song's artwork (and sometimes it doesn't change even if there is artwork).
Doesn't appear to work on v29.1.3
Amazingly, 3.0 additions make this plugin better than the excellence it already was!
My favourite OBS theme, thank you so much for making it!

(Please, would you consider making "light" or "system" version in the future? I see text/everything twice because of my health issues and it's worse on a dark background, so I usually prefer the light theme - but I love to use this one. )
I really like it.
Only thing would make it even better if the twitchVOD audio track can be added.
I stream to youtube first on 1440p the rest is all 1080p... otherwise it downscaled and upscaled again for YT...
Where do I put the css code!!!!!
Works great on latest OBS. I don't know what that other guy is on about with it "needing to be updated."