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maybe 5 stars, but i need more features :D
I use touchportal and the idea is, to raise the countdown up for like 5 minutes (you can change the add-time in the settings) with a press on the tablet which is running touchportal.
So you have a countdown with the function to raise it up if for example a subscription on twitch is coming to you.
I hope you understand my idea :)
BUT is an amazing work by your team
I liked the plugin I liked the functions that have a pity that it is not compatible with MacOS X and linux when you will release the final version of win-capture-audio
Excellent and works great. The guy is totally on it. Excellent support too! I can highly recommend this!
I loved the plugin it has more options than the countdown that comes in obs excellent
very nice plugin
I love everything that Exeldro does, His plugins are extremely useful. In addition, he takes the extra time to put them in a .dmg file for Mac so it is easily installable by the user. It's hard to install other software by other developers who have great ideas when you're not a programmer and you don't really know how to install it! 5 stars for sure! Source copy is only one of the amazing plugins he has created. THANK YOU Exeldro!
I love this very much but please don't make older cats like me watch a damn video just to get install instruction. Please just put them in the description.
the plugin is ok scoreboard+ the plugin is ok
the plugin and the screen saver are fine what can be changed everything is fine very good universallp
I only used version 2.6.9 of moving trancision I'm going to update it to see how it is
a bit of problems have when i use the plugin
Please provide more information to allow me to fix the problems.
A neat small plugin. All is working as expected. I would to have an option for a custom message during timing run. Something like "We are starting in... min", but I've just amended Browser.html to my needs.

A good further improvement will be a bit more of text customization settings, like outlines and gradient. Text (GDI+) properties in OBS may be a good source of inspiration :)

Regardless, thank you for your hard work, this plugin is useful :)
I have problems using the plugin
Please provide more information to allow me to fix the problems.
The plugin is fine, but some functions are not available, why?
What functions?
the plugin is fine the one I liked was the mouse, the one with an excellent universal arrow
the plugin was excellent the scanner was a bit bad but exeldro this plugin is very well done even though the scanner is bad
I liked the plugin I loved using it very well cg2121
Brutality... wow.... what I was looking for me... for sure we will send a coffee cup...
excellent - thatt is all what I (you) can say about the great work. OBS would be not the same without your absolut helpful plugins
Really powerful plugin, he did it again! Thanks!