Replay Source

Replay Source 1.6.9

Supported Bit Versions
32-bit, 64-bit
Source Code URL
Minimum OBS Studio Version
Supported Platforms
Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Plugin to (slow motion) instant replay sources from memory.

Add a replay source.
Set the source, duration and speed in the properties.
Set the replay hotkey.

  • Replay source
    This source replays audio and video after it is retrieved from a replay filter by using the hotkey or the button in the properties.
  • (async) replay filter
    Keeps the configured seconds from a source in memory. The name of the filter must be the same as the replay source used to play the replay.
  • Duration
    Amount of seconds the replay needs to keep in memory.
  • Maximum replays
    Maximum number of replays to keep in memory.
  • Video source
    The source that has the (async) replay filter to retrieve the video (and audio) data from.
  • Audio source
    The source that has the replay audio filter to retrieve the audio data from.
  • Visibility Action
    The action that should be taken when the replay source becomes active (visible in output) or deactivates.
    • Restart
      Start the replay from the beginning on becoming active and pause on deactivating.
    • Pause
      Resume play on activating and pause on deactivating
    • Continue
      Resume play on activation
    • None
      No action taken on (de)activation
  • Start delay
    Delay in milliseconds before the replay starts playing.
  • End action
    The action that should be taken when the replay has finished playing.
    • Hide
      After the replay the source will show nothing
    • Pause
      After the replay the source will keep pause and keep showing the last video frame.
    • Loop
      After the replay restart the replay.
    • Reverse
      After the replay reverse the playing direction of the replay.
  • Next scene
    The scene that should be shown after the replay has finished playing.
    Leave empty if you do not want automatic scene switching.
  • Speed percentage
    The speed that the replay should be played. 100 for normal speed. 50 for half speed.
  • Backwards
    Start playing replays backwards
  • Directory
    Directory to save replays to.
  • Filename formatting
    Formatting used to generate a filename for the replay (%CCYY-%MM-%DD %hh.%mm.%ss)
  • Lossless
    Use lossless avi or flv format saving the replay.
  • Progress crop source
    The right side of the source gets cropped by the percentage of the posistion in the current replay
  • Text source
    Text source that gets the text formatted by the next setting
  • Text format
    Text for the Text source. Options to use:
    • %SPEED%
    • %PROGRESS%
    • %COUNT%
    • %INDEX%
    • %DURATION%
    • %TIME%
  • Load replay
    Retrieve the replay.
  • Next
    Play the next replay.
  • Previous
    Play the previous replay.
  • First
    Play the first replay.
  • Last
    Play the last replay.
  • Remove
    Remove the current replay
  • Clear
    Remove all replays
  • Save replay
    Save the loaded replay disk.
  • Restart
    Play the replay from the beginning.
  • Pause
    Pauses the replay, freezes the video.
  • Faster
    Increase the speed by 50%
  • Slower
    Decrease the speed bij 33%
  • Normal or faster
    If speed is < 100% set speed to 100% else increase the speed by 50%
  • Normal or slower
    If speed is > 100% set speed to 100% else decrease the speed by 33%
  • Normal speed
    Set the speed to 100%
  • Half speed
    Set the speed to 50%
  • Double speed
    Set the speed to 200%
  • Reverse
    Start playing in the reverse direction
  • Forward
    Start playing forward
  • Backwards
    Start playing backward
  • Trim front
    Remove all video before the current position from the replay
  • Trim end
    Remove all video after the current position from the replay
  • Trim reset
    Undo all trimming done on the replay.
  • Disable
    Disable the capturing of replays, removes the replay filters.
  • Enable
    Enable the capturing of replays, adds the replay filters.
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First release
Last update
4.50 star(s) 30 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.6.9

    support OBS version 27
  2. Version 1.6.8

    support negative time in text source when using start delay fix loading and unloading bugs fix...
  3. Version 1.6.7

    fix saving without audio

Latest reviews

Amazing plugin!
The function of coming back to the last scene after the entire clip ended is what I was looking for, but the RAM went from 800mb to 9gb...
The plugin stores the replay not encoded or compressed in memory. If you want less memory usage you can look at the replay buffer or source recording.
Great plugin and I have got it working kind of how I want to ,but I cannot get it to replay the audio yet when the clip is saved the audio is working on the replay file. Any advice?
very good plugins,I love it!!
This is a very good plugin that helps a lot in some interesting moments. I recommend downloading and installing it.
Easy to use and in my case I didn't use a lot of resources.

I hope in the future for the opportunity to choose many audio devices or grouped ones.
first time good, but tomorrow my obs always not respon :)
maybe my pc not enough ram
I love the idea of this, and when it works without affecting the stream, it's awesome. I create a pretty cool "Instant Replay" type feature using this.

I am having audio desync issues since installing this plugin though. After streaming for a little bit, the audio for my capture card ends up falling behind the video. Is there anything I can do to remedy this?

I am running 28 GBs of RAM, so it shouldn't be that I wouldn't think.
The idea is amazing but mi RAM usage went from 700mb up to 6GB idk if there is any optimizations for this
Amazing tool for replays but is there a possibility to save te captured files to mp4 and not flv because I'm working on directly uploading videos to my website and flv files are not supported :/
Great Ideas. But just cannot get it to work without crashing. I keep deinstalling and working without it because crashes are so frequent. But then I keep coming back to it to try to see if bugs fixed because it really is a cool plugin...

I just spent quite a bit of time creating some simple scenes to try to replicate the bug. For sure if you use the "Start Delay" field (I used two seconds) the %INDEX% starts to show some really long floating point numbers and then it will crash soon after.

I have posted the scene collection, crash log and log files at this dropbox link if it helps:

The provided crash log is a crash in obs-websocket.dll during the shutdown of OBS, that seems unrelated to this plugin.
Is it a crash or is it a freeze of the application?