Replay Source

Replay Source 1.6.5

Add windows installer
Fix Mac version
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Add Spanish translations
Fix loading on startup of OBS bug
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Add translation support
Translated versions of this file can be made to get the plugin in a different language​
Add execute action setting
A setting (execute_action) can be set to trigger a hotkey function to allow triggering a hotkey function from a script or via obswebsocket without having to set an actual hotkey. Options available are: Load, Next, Previous, First, Last, Remove, Clear, Save, Restart, Pause, Faster, Slower, NormalOrFaster, NormalOrSlower, NormalSpeed, HalfSpeed, DoubleSpeed, TrimFront, TrimEnd, TrimReset, Reverse, Backward, Forward, ForwardOrFaster, BackwardOrFaster, DisableNextScene, EnableNextScene, Disable, Enable, SetNextSceneToCurrent, SwitchToNextScene​
should fix the problem of old frames show before the new replay reported by @BoomSoMuch
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If you had trouble getting the plugin installed on the latest version of OBS try this new version.
OBS version 24 support
add load switch scene option