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Excellent plugin! Installed and configure it really easy.
Loved that the guys on Aitum released this feature for us, OBS users.
Es el mejor complemento de obs, no imagino obs sin este complemento sinceramente te hace la vida muchísimo más fácil y por otra parte es super adictivo. El programador siempre predispuesto a ayudarte lo que lo hace aún mejor todavía. Felicitaciones. Un trabajo asombroso
PLEASE RECONSIDER! Many creators who rely on Patreon make their stable releases available to the public while offering beta versions to supporters. I think this is a compromise you should consider. StreamFX has benefitted hundreds (if not thousands) of streamers (including myself) and could continue to do so if made available for free or at a lower cost.
Nao sei o que esta acontecendo mas nao consigo configurar a camera, sempre que tento ela esta fechando meu OBS na parte de aplicar as configurações, podem me ajudar ?
really great tool, using logitech was a nightmare, glad that's not needed anymore
Super easy to use, especially for Mac, thank you so much!
It works well, but I've stopped using it for a while now, but idk how to uninstall it- Can someone tell me how to get rid of it?
Nice, simple and it's just what I need.
Thank you for good plugin. I m using on Windows 10.
So I tried to install on mac os 13.4, plugin not show on OBS effect filter list.Of course i put exacted folder into instructed folder.
How can i fix it? OBS version is 29.1.1
Thanks a lot for the pointers!
3 Euro reichen euch nicht? Jetzt ehrlich habe ich bezahlt und möchte nur einen weichzeichner haben mehr haben!! abzocke eckelhaft!!
Easy to follow instructions. Successful install! Looking forward to using it. Thanks :)
The option to countdown to a specific time doesn't seem to work for me. Mac running latest version of OS, OBS, and Plugin. I've had plugin installed for over 6 months the only way i've been able to use it is to manually enter time till desired time
Simple and easy and very effective!
It is good, but for some reason when I set authenication, I try play vlc and it does not ask for authenication and loads the video, Not sure if i'm doing something wrong. Despite that. Still very good and useful.
I understand the time and effort involved in creating and maintaining a product like this.
BUT the plugin isn't required to stream or even to improve the quality of your stream because there are several other more affordable options available. Therefore it just simply isn't worth the money.

It was fun while it lasted. Farewell StreamFX.
Another will soon take your place.
Nice, thanks, I'm using it with a weather widget
Thanks for the review, glad it's helpful to someone!
Nice, I was waiting for this version, I'm testing it and it works pretty cool. Thanks @iisxiao!
No probably man. good to hear it works well :)
The idea is fantastic.
But there's a known issue that really is a pain in the a**.
Something like every 30 minuts, every sound is inaudible.. It crashes like robot voices or something..
Whenever you get the new version of OBS, something like this happens.
A wonderful plugin, it helps me a lot with some transmissions, it does exactly what I was needing. Blessings to @iisxiao