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the audio monitor filter get delay after few minutes and there is a bug with the mute linked to source muting option that sometimes it does not work when i mute the source there's still sounds. it just does not link to the source. but overall this is a very good plugin
I have the NASB Bible version in XML if someone needs it
I honestly dont understand why this plugin is not built in directly into OBS
Fantastic plugin that i've used for a good few months now, has pushed our broadcast to new levels.

One issue I have run into today is that when using the 'Scene item visibility - sources in index range' function, the upper index range doesn't save on reload or if duplicating the macro making it effectively broken. Also it only goes up to 99. So scenes with over 99 sources have limitations. Makes it difficult if you are bulk hiding sources, but only on the truly large scenes!
Glad to hear that you found a use for the plugin! :)

The issue of the upper index not saving correctly should be solved with the most recent release.
The maximum value for the index selection was also increased to 999.
Absolute awesome plugin, and as mentioned before: caution, if you crank up too high, everything else will look pretty pixelated.
Great Plug In. This helps me with my multi sound devices System and pipewire. The built in pulse audio in obs breaks my sound system, if i have more then one card active.
Nice scrolling weather widget, would like to be able to customize a few more things though!
It works with very little performance loss (Nvidia Scaling) and seems to look similar to StreamFX or FreeFX superresolution. And with more modes than these two plugins. I hope you keep updating the plugin.
I don't want to leave a 2 star because this program seems to be everything I'm looking for, The problem is I'm having issues with getting it set up. I've tried following the tutorials but it seems no matter what I try, my music player (using Windows but will be moving the Linux soon) is just not being recognized by Tuna. If I could get some further assistance with this it would be greatly appreciated!
What player are you using?
fantastic tool - low CPU and GPU, great result and also pretty flexible in terms of what to use as BG: image, color etc...
Thank you so much, I really like the original gray theme's size, but now it's better with the yami colors
Also coming over from the Python Script, thanks to Andilippi!
Loving this, exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a ton. I'll add more to this or the discussion if I have any issues!
I think this type of help for others is terrific and appreciated. Specifying a region for the green screen offers considerable benefit when you want to position a graphic, such as a chart or diagram, as you explain research findings or a concept.

The next thing that needs to be understood is identifying a specific area of the image dropped into the green screen area as "active" in post-production. That means someone viewing it can touch or click on it and be taken to another piece of content, such as a description or added details. If possible, this is something I wish to understand as it will make the video dynamic for viewers and also tell me, as the producer, what people find most important or interesting for future content segments.
It works on macOS, just follow the procedure as described.
But the titles are too minimalistic for my use.
Still, fantastic work!
It needs to be updated to OBS 30.1.1 because it doesnt work otherwise but thank you for making this
Fixed crash on exit (#6)


In the end, as I found the pugglin so interesting, I didn't care about the error that happened when I closed OBS, I could live with it. This update is what was missing to give 5 points.
Absolutely wonderful piece of software that saves so much time and headaches, specially if you a stream. Unparalleled customer support!
I'd love to use it, but the learning curve is terrible.
It would be good to simplify the process. You need a lot of skill to use it.
The move plugin combined with shortcut keys achieves the same results with a less difficult learning curve.