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Fantastic upgrade to spectralizer, which was great...
Works great love it! Great job again @Tuna
Took a bit of figuring out on my end with the python side of things but now that it's working I'm so happy with the results! Very cool script thank you tryptech
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a resized version of this. I'm not a huge fan of the newish looking themes they aren't minimal enough.
Noar Prodz
Noar Prodz
I'm sorry HateYoFace but it's not planned for now. This theme was originally built for my personal pro use. I needed a theme with larger and cleaner texts/buttons to avoid misclicking, and a more efficient color code for ON / OFF elements.
Thanks !
Amazing format, there's so much potential for this, thanks for sharing!
This plugin unfortunately doesn't support newer Macs ie: Mac Silicon M1
lifesaver this was for me. Dev is really helpful and nice.
This theme is perfect but kinda looks a little light on my pc compared to the given screenshot
Last official release (v11.1) is outdated for OBS v28 and v29. Updated from v27 after it broke for me due to age, and was horrified to find out just a day ago that the alpha/beta versions for v29 are paywalled.
The pre-built binaries for pre-releases are only available to Supporters, as voted on by Supporters. You always have the option to build from source.
I understand that the project deserves support and pre-release versions are for supporters now, but it's still pretty obnoxious and somewhat scummy that a release that had ALREADY been released publicly got put behind a paywall.
Only pre-built binaries for pre-releases, which cost money to create, were made Supporter only. You always gave the option of building from source
Awesome little counter and I love how simple it is, cant wait to see how much this can evolve. I love it thank you! it helps me create a streamathon that isn't twitch based and can use it on other streaming apps! Thank you for making this!
Thanks for the support <3
I have tried multiple times to download this. I have an older imac. I have searched everywhere possible after i run the pkg. is there any tutorials out there that can help me get this to work?
good plugin I am fascinated with this version Warmuptill
one of the best ive seen so far is there a way to minimize it to the tray so it can run in the backround (the config window)
Perfect for Athletic Competitions or eSport Gaming Competitons.

While it is still in Beta, it has the ability for users to create their own scoreboard how they want it instead of being restricted by a preset.

With the way it is now, you are able to do many things other scoreboard applications are able to do, but with the exception of it being fully customizable and free.

It can be a little intimidating to use at first since you have to learn what each component does, and learn how connections work, but once you mess around with it and learn what you can do, it can be a very powerful tool for any streamer, broadcaster, or play by play announcer.
Best OBS Studio theme have seen so far! Kudos
Works perfect in my computer. Thanks a lot. My OBS version is 29.0.0.
I have problems, the durchblick panel glitches and the durchblick panel no longer appears