Stuttering/Skipping Frame/AMD GPU/Encoding Overloaded


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Spec :
Intel i3-9100F
AMD RX 570 4GB
8gb ram dual
mobo h310m
ssd 256 x 2

Obs Stream setting :
CBR - 6500 Kbps
Encoding AMD HW H.264 (AVC) {only 2 option between AMD HW H.264 (AVC) or x264 }
Output 1080p 60fps
preset Quality
Profile High

Up/Dn internet Speed +40Mbps
latest driver

So, I had this when I streamed, when I saw in the obs preview it looked very smooth, but it read in the bottom corner 'Encoding Overloaded', so I looked at my stream on youtube, and it looked like 1-5 fps for real , it's different when I do a live stream using Radeon Relive Software from AMD, it's very smooth but can't be customized there isn't even a game capture etc, I wonder what's wrong, is it because of my hardware or because of the obs?


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First off, your PC is to weak to run OBS for 1080P/60, drop your frame rate to 30FPS, or 29.97 will help. Also, your graphics card is middling for 1080P and lags behind the 3GB 1060 from Nvidia, despite having 4G on board.

You are better off upgrading to the similar gen i5 or i7 processor, and moving up at least a notch in the graphics card. I run an older PC with an equally as old graphics card, and it was a low end card when it was new in 2015 and I can capture 1080P/30 (29.97) OK, as long as I stick to one capture device, be it screen or webcam and even there, the webcam does not capture all that well without artifacts.

Better yet, drop to 720P and see how that does. That is a suggestion from OBS itself and is at the top of the Windows forums as a "sticky".


Try using HEVC it works much better but only for youtube

Create a new stream key as shown in the screenshot

Find youtube hls. Specify a new stream key

AMD HW H.265 will now appear in the list of encoders

Specify bitrate from 12000 kbps - 25000 kbps. More is better. Keep in mind that you need a very good internet connection to broadcast via the HLS protocol. As a result, your stream should work on youtube in 2K resolution in excellent quality, without overloading the encoder.

Why stream in 2K