amd (hardware)

  1. opticSquid

    Hardware video encoder not available for AMD Ryzen 3

    I have used OBS both in WIndows as native exe and in Fedora as Flatpak. I have AMD Ryzen 3 3250U with integrated Vega graphics. While I use OBS in windows I get the option to use Hardware Video encoder while recording but when I use OBS in same pc but in fedora as flatpak the hardware encoder...
  2. SirFeffe

    OBS Setting AMD GPU

    Hello everyone, i need help. I change gpu graphic card to a Radeon RX 7800xt. Now i would start to join to do some live streaming, but i didn't know which setting i could use. I tried with the autopilot obs guide setting, but i m not satisfy by results; i don't know if i must use encoder x264...
  3. D


    so i have RX550 4gb and ryzen 5 2400g, and when i stream it will lag so much! in video encoder i chose AMD HW H264 (AVC) and it lags so much... but in x264 everything is fine.. just wanna know why is that thank you!
  4. A

    Pixelated stream using OBS

    Hi Got an issue when streaming the Witcher 3 and a couple other games. Curiosos it doesn’t happens on THE DIVISION or other games. I’m pretty new to this stuff but, following some advices and posts, I’ve come to this config. H264 encoder Rate control CBR 8000 Bitrate Keyframe 2s Preset...
  5. O

    Best Settings for AMD CPU/GPU Twitch

    Hey guys, i bought a new pc and want to know which settings are the best for streaming on twitch. My specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D GPU: AMD RX 7900 XTX Upload Speed are over 100mbs RAM: 32GB Resolution: 2560x1440 I tried AMD H.264, keyframe 2, max. b-frame 1, AMF: MaxNumRefFrames=4...
  6. K

    Green Flashing/Flickering Client Side

    Good morning as of writing this, I'm Kinix. I've encountered an issue with OBS where for whatever reason my monitor, the graphics, or the color of the program itself flickers green rapidly. I don't know the exact source of the flickering but it appears to consistently occur while editing the...
  7. welpyes

    amd h.264 encoder is very laggy

    I was on windows 10 before and it was smooth, but now its very laggy now that i upgraded to win11. I was using win11 before i downgraded to win10 as well on the same hardware and its not this laggy i dont have a gpu but my cpu is an `Amd a8-7650k with radeon R7` heres the footage for the...
  8. D

    OBS no reconoce AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT

    Tengo una gráfica: AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT, he actualizado los drivers, Windows, habilitado en adm. de dispositivos mi gráfica y aún así no me detecta mi gráfica, alguna ayuda?
  9. C

    Blurry video output

    Every time I try to record my videos come out slightly blurry. I have obs running as admin, have already ran ddu (display driver uninstaller) twice and experimented with the color format options. I would include pictures of the video itself and how the game actually looks, but 3.68 mb is too large.
  10. E

    memory leak after playing persona 3 on game pass

    Hey everyone, posting on behalf of my partner here. She's been streaming from her current PC for around a year or 2 without issue until today when she tried to stream Persona 3 on game pass. The PC and OBS never crashed when this happened, but the PC started significantly lagging. Before this...
  11. Glitch Artist

    AMD HW Encoder not present in Flatpack OBS

    Are there any flatpack plugins out there that will let me use my RX7800XT as the hardware encoding device? Software encoding kinda blows, and I can't use the PPA version since it crashes with a segfault (problem listed here I...
  12. Glitch Artist

    Segmentation Fault

    Hi; I am using Linux Mint 21.2 Kernel 5.15.0-91. I recently built a new pc (sysinfo pasted below) and trying to run OBS crashes reading <Segmentation fault> whether booting normally or in safe mode. I have tried uninstalling <libva-vdpau-driver>, but I didn't have it installed to begin with...
  13. S

    The Finals encoding overload

    Hi Currently streaming with 3500 bit rate, Just switched to Medium Preset from Slow Encoder preset using NVENC I usually use it in other games without any problems, and the stream's on 60 fps but I still seem to get fps lag even though it writes 0 fps loss, indeed writes encoder overload even...
  14. reykr

    Starting The Output Failed

    I wanted to stream and got this error: "Starting the output failed Note: if you are using the NVENC or AMD encoders make sure your video drivers are up to date" I have a ryzen 5 5600H CPU with an integrated AMD Radeon (tm) graphic's card and an RX 6500M I have ran a stream before on hardware...
  15. MurdoMaclachlan

    OBS cannot start streaming with FFmpeg VAAPI on AMD

    With OBS version 29.0.2 I'm unable to start streaming using the FFmpeg VAAPI H.264 encoder (the only encoder it shows other than x264). I get the following error: vainfo output below, OBS log attached. I've seen a number of similar issues to this around the internet but they've all either...
  16. U

    My recording is corrupted (I think)

    It's the following, when I try to record at a frame rate greater than 60fps, for example 120, 240 the recording that would take one minute, it only lasts 10 seconds and is completely frozen, it seems that it cannot encode the entire video. But when I put it in 60fps it is normal, I wanted to...
  17. E

    Stuttering/Skipping Frame/AMD GPU/Encoding Overloaded

    Spec : Intel i3-9100F AMD RX 570 4GB 8gb ram dual mobo h310m ssd 256 x 2 Obs Stream setting : CBR - 6500 Kbps Encoding AMD HW H.264 (AVC) {only 2 option between AMD HW H.264 (AVC) or x264 } Output 1080p 60fps preset Quality Profile High others: Up/Dn internet Speed +40Mbps latest driver So...
  18. Y

    OBS 29 Missing AMD AMF Encoders for Streaming

    After the release of OBS29, AMF H.264 encoders are not an option anymore. Recording tab has the new AV1 encoders for AMD but streaming tab only has Software x264 encoder. RX 6950XT R7 5800X Up-to-Date AMD drivers (23.3.1) OBS Version 29.0.2 OBS Log File: 17:38:31.678: CPU Name: AMD Ryzen 7...
  19. K

    screen flickering

    Hello, I recently changed the graphics card from RTX to AMD RX 6800 xt, and when I launch the program on the second monitor, the screen on which I have the game turned on starts flickering. I installed the plugin with another AMD encoder but it didn't help. I read online that it's the driver's...
  20. L

    AMD Ryzen 7700X integrated GPU not supporting AMD hardware encoder

    Hi all, I'm really stumped by this one and have done many hours of research online. Here's a summary: Problem AMD HW encoder not showing as options for recording when they should. I have a main GPU (Nvidia GTX 3080 Ti), but want to leverage the iGPU for recording gamplay specifically to avoid...