amd gpu

  1. E

    Stuttering/Skipping Frame/AMD GPU/Encoding Overloaded

    Spec : Intel i3-9100F AMD RX 570 4GB 8gb ram dual mobo h310m ssd 256 x 2 Obs Stream setting : CBR - 6500 Kbps Encoding AMD HW H.264 (AVC) {only 2 option between AMD HW H.264 (AVC) or x264 } Output 1080p 60fps preset Quality Profile High others: Up/Dn internet Speed +40Mbps latest driver So...
  2. Moinul Moin

    when I click on start recording, it closes, I don't know it crashes or not but it vanishes in no time

    I can't use obs for recording/streaming. it closes, I don't know it crashes or not but it vanishes in no time when I click on start recording. I did install/uninstall obs a couple of times and also my GPU driver. no changes! here is the log: help me
  3. G

    AMF Encoder low bitrate problem - AMD RX6700XT

    Hello everyone, i sadly have the following problem, no matter what i try the bitrate of the output file is only a fraction of what it should be and so the video quality is abysmal. Here are more details: After reading the log with debug mode on, i have found several errors regarding the...
  4. K

    Question: Is it possible to record using OBS via AMD GPU?

    Hi, as you read from the title, I would like to record using OBS via AMD GPU. My GPU: AMD Radeon R7 200 Series I searched almost the entire internet and I can't find any answer, so I'd rather ask here if it's even possible to record via the AMD GPU using OBS.
  5. R

    Blurred screenrecordings

    Hello i am new to OBS. I just started out using it for some screen recording at 1080p@60Hz. The recorded video is always blurry when i use Softwareencoding. I already lowered the refreshrate to 30hz and i did a test with recording in 720p. The result however is always a blurry image regardless...
  6. Kntaii

    Question / Help Good Recording Settings (AMD)

    Hey, I've been searching a lot of videos recently directed towards good OBS recording settings. While I have managed to find a lot of videos none of those I have found have had a good explanation or good settings for recording for AMD powered PCs. I was hoping or wanted to ask if anyone could...
  7. T

    Best recording for AMD GPU

    so to start this off I’m using: i5-8400 @ 2.80GHz 16GB RAM Radeon RX 570 4GB VRAM I’m trying to tune my settings for lag-free recording. I’m wanting to get Beat Saber footage and all the settings I’ve seen online aren’t working for me. Feedback would be mucho appreciated!