encoding overloaded

  1. F

    obs has a problem with chilla's art style games, even on lowest settings

    i dont know why im haveing encoding issues on chilla's art style games....idk y. i put everything to low when i stream and record them and its giving my shit. Anyone know how to fix
  2. E

    Stuttering/Skipping Frame/AMD GPU/Encoding Overloaded

    Spec : Intel i3-9100F AMD RX 570 4GB 8gb ram dual mobo h310m ssd 256 x 2 Obs Stream setting : CBR - 6500 Kbps Encoding AMD HW H.264 (AVC) {only 2 option between AMD HW H.264 (AVC) or x264 } Output 1080p 60fps preset Quality Profile High others: Up/Dn internet Speed +40Mbps latest driver So...
  3. TheMad_N

    Sudden Encoding Overload

    Today I stumbled upon a very interesting message during my stream: encoding overloaded. The thing is, I have been using the same settings for months now, and havent had a single encoding issue until today. I tried several changes that I found online, but nothing seems to solve the issue. When...
  4. S

    Encoding overloaded while recording but replay buffer works fine

    Recording even in the worst settings with every program closed overloads but using replay buffer at good settings works just fine, the analyzer says its a GPU overload but that just doesn't make sense to me, wouldn't it do the same on replay buffer? Is there any reason this might be happening...
  5. T

    Video freezes randomly / Encoding overloaded

    Hey, Hope someone can help me with this, I had this issue since I've installed OBS years ago. I've tried lowering my settings and things like that and it's still the same. When I'm recording sometimes it says "encoding overloaded ..." for a min and it disappears. but I don't see the video...
  6. W

    Encoding overloaded while streaming!

    Hi, I have had a coding problem for a week. A week ago, the OBS update arrived and something started to break. When streaming Apex or GTA OBS among others it shows overloaded encoding. Oddly enough, there were no issues playing GTA before the last update. Can anyone help me? My components...
  7. M

    Encoding overload and skipped frames with capable computer.

    Hello, hope everyone is having a good day and my apologies if there are any typos. Ever since I started using OBS, which is around 2 years ago, this issue has always bothered me and I want to fix it or figure it out once and for all, so any help would be greatly appreciated and I will provide...
  8. V

    Low CPU usage but dropping frames below 30 FPS

    I've tried every combination of settings and read all the forum posts I can here to troubleshoot, but I am totally stumped. Here is the last log file of the OBS recording that was going well for a few minutes around 5-10% CPU usage but this will happen for a bit and then the recording suddenly...
  9. Br1ght

    Encoding Overloaded!

    Hi everyone, I have two questions. I've been geting that "Encoding Overloaded!" message in the bottom left corner of my OBS in quite a while now. I've been searching on the internet what it exactly does & what happens. Some people are saying that it makes you drop frames, but i still get 0%...
  10. C

    Encoding overloaded! Stream, play & record configuration issues!

    PC: Ryzen 5 2600 16gb ram GPU: RX 570 4gb Hi all, i am trying to stream in 720p/60 fps to youtube and record the session concurrently, however i am unable to find the right setting to achieve that. I tried using X264 to stream and H264/AVC for recording, and vice versa, and still i am getting...
  11. F

    obs shortens my video.

    Basically i decided to record some watch dogs 2 for about 50 minutes. when i went to see the video it only had 26 minutes meaning that obs shorten my video, idk if its important or not but i get the "encoding overload" message after 20-30 minutes. Is this the problem or is it missing space? P.S...
  12. OXygen

    OBS: encoding overloaded when recording in 2K

    Hello. I have a problem with my OBS. Every time I record a video in 2K resolution (2560x1440), OBS says that encoding is overloaded, even if I have the lowest possible output settings. BUT when I record my videos in FullHD, there is no lag at all, even at high settings. Here are my usual...
  13. D

    A minor issue but an issue none the less

    I've been trying to learn OBS and optimize it the best that I can, but there's one tiny wrinkle I can't seem to fix, nor can I seem to locate the issue. This issue is exclusively with record (or rather I exclusively use OBS to record, I lack the internet speed to stream, I can't even stream a...
  14. HardyF1

    Encoding Overloaded intermittently, Doesnt resolve when lowering settings / Output Resolution HELP?

    Hey all, So ive been using OBS for many years now and ive never really had a single issue with it untill last month where i now randomly get "encoding overloaded" warnings at the bottom of obs when i stream and record. Things i have tried to resolve the issue includes: Lowering the output to...
  15. B

    HELP! My OBS won't record without stuttering no matter what i record.

    I have tried amd radeon relive and it works fine, but its ass so i want to try and fix this problem while i can. I dont really understand what is going on so if an admin or mod could help me it would be much appreciated. log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/NnEKq8AQzyhYGCVT
  16. A

    Question / Help High CPU usage

    Hi! When I stream in OBS, the CPU usage is high (60%) and often reaches 100%. When it reaches 100%, it displays that the encoder is overloaded and sometimes the stream is freezing. And it is having a big delay (20s - 40s).
  17. K

    Question / Help Encoding overloaded while CPU and GPU are both below 60% usage

    G'day dear people, as you may have read, I've got a problem. OBS Studio is telling me the encoding is overloaded, although both CPU and GPU are below 60% usage. I'm using "NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (new)", CBR 17 kbit/s, "quality" and profile "high" atm, but it just doesn't look too good. 20 kbit/s are...
  18. C

    Question / Help Encoding Overloaded Frame Drops Error (PLEASE HELP)

    I don't know what's been going on as of late with my OBS application, I've been streaming for many months using OBS and it's been fine, absolutely zero FPS drops. Lately however, I can't go five minutes without FPS drops! It seems to only happen when I'm on my main gaming screen, but it's never...
  19. C

    Question / Help Encoding Overloaded + FPS Drop Issue (NEED HELP)

    I don't know what's been going on as of late with my OBS application, I've been streaming for many months using OBS and it's been fine, absolutely zero FPS drops. Lately however, I can't go five minutes without FPS drops! It seems to only happen when I'm on my main gaming screen, but it's never...
  20. U

    Question / Help Sudden AMD encoding overloaded message?

    Hey everyone, I realize that this may be an issue that is reported frequently, but I have tried nearly every solution that I have found online and none seems to work. This is especially frustrating since this has never happened in the past, only after I have updated my OBS Studio version to...