Encoding Overloaded intermittently, Doesnt resolve when lowering settings / Output Resolution HELP?


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Hey all,
So ive been using OBS for many years now and ive never really had a single issue with it untill last month where i now randomly get "encoding overloaded" warnings at the bottom of obs when i stream and record.

Things i have tried to resolve the issue includes: Lowering the output to 720p 30fps (No change)
Lowering Bitrate (No Change)
Using Nvenc & X264 for encoding (No Change)
I have reinstalled OBS and still no change.
I have tried increasing OBS's CPU priority to above normal and no change.
I am using a i7-6700k ( 4.4ghz) with a RTX 2060 6GB & 32GB of DDR4 2666mhz RAM which like i say has been fine up untill about a month ago.
OBS is on my NVME SSD (500gb Crucial P1)
I am going insane almost with having intermittent lag and stuttering when i normally stream on Twitch @ 1080p, 60fps with no issue.
I have tried with many different games and i have the latest graphic drivers from Nvidia and i still have the same issue across the board so I know it is not a game specific issue.

I have also a C920 Logitech Webcam that i have lowered the resolution to 480p and there is still no fix to the issue.
I have attached my log file as i am running out of hope and ideas on how to fix this and everything else is fine, Games are running smoothly at 144hz / 144fps,
The only thing is that i have a 2 monitor setup with one at 60hz & one at 144hz but i havent had any issues untill last month. Streaming and recording is becoming more problematic now and i would really apprieciate any help from the OBS community in trying to diagnose and fix my issues as i often do charity streams and with this issue, it is becoming more common and impossible to stream without lag issues from OBS.

Many Thanks,



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1. The version of Windows you are running has a limitation which causes performance issues in hardware accelerated applications (such as games) if multiple monitors with different refresh rates are present. Your system's monitors have 2 different refresh rates, so you are affected by this limitation.

To fix this issue, we recommend updating to the Windows 10 May 2020 Update. Follow these instructions if you're not sure how to update.
2. Killer's Firewall is known for it's poor performance and issues when trying to stream. Please download the driver pack from the vendor's page , completely uninstall all Killer NIC items and install their Driver only package.
2. In Windows 10 versions 1809 and newer, we recommend that "Game Mode" be enabled for maximum gaming performance. Game Mode can be enabled via the Windows 10 "Settings" app, under Gaming > Game Mode
3. Run OBS as Admin
4. Multiple Game Capture sources are usually not needed, and can sometimes interfere with each other. You can use the same Game Capture for all your games! If you change games often, try out the hotkey mode, which lets you press a key to select your active game. If you play games in fullscreen, use 'Capture any fullscreen application' mode.

Post new log or use Log Analyzer after making those changes if still having issues.


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Thanks for the reply and suggestions! I will try them all and get back to you thanks for the help, i didnt realise i could use hotkey mode rather than add all games individually so thank you!