1. S

    Minecraft Recording is Laggy

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone here could please help me figure out why OBS causes my Minecraft footage to lag. When I play the game and have OBS open (while recording), it's fine! There's no lag, however, when I play the video back it looks like this. My OBS output settings and PC specs are here.
  2. T

    Stuttering recording while no errors are given.

    Hey guys, i got some issues with recording games. Whenever i record a game, OBS doesn't record very well and just makes the video very stuttery and unstable. I've tried all the steps on the forum posts about this issue with no luck, could anyone help me with this? This is the latest log file...
  3. S

    Game Choppy Upon Opening OBS Before Streaming Or Recording

    Basically title. I open OBS (in admin mode) while I'm playing FFXIV, and immediately the game (and thus what's captured by OBS) becomes very choppy before even streaming or recording. I'm apparently getting over 80 FPS in game but it hitches terribly. CPU: i7-9700k @ 3.60 GHz GPU: 2080 TI...
  4. WattsBros

    Stutter in my game (from screen capture and ndi source)

    I have major trouble with stuttering when there is an important amount of animations happening in the game, both with the the streaming pc and the gaming pc (I stream this game with my brother and I switch screens to show both perspectives) When I stream just chatting with my webcam or watching...
  5. D

    Audio drop-outs/stutters using audio-interface, happens with OBS Studio only.

    TLDR: Audio drops out while using audio-interface with OBS Studio and OBS Studio only! While using audio-interface Behringer UMC204HD with OBS Studio, audio (both microphone and windows audio tracks) constantly and randomly (every 3-5 minutes) drops out for a short period of time, which sounds...
  6. C

    Stuttering Audio, Tried Everything

    To date I have... ... verified my drivers are all up to date. ... Made sure my devices all use 48kHz sample rate. ... Turned my bitrate up and down. ... Turned my Audio bitrate up and down. ... Verified my hardware is running cool. ... Tried disabling my webcam. ... Tried swapping USB port for...
  7. rogerddsantos

    Stuttering/cutting audio while OBS is open, not necessarily streaming

    Hi there! So today my OBS decided that he would stutter and cut my whole PC audio while the software is open and I can't find a solution for this. I've already checked the sample rate and it's everything right, did not work in both 44,1 KHz and 48 KHz. I've also made sure that the "allow...
  8. T

    Media Share stutter on Mac OSX - OBS 27.0.1

    Just updated to the newest version of obs with browser docks and everything. Browser sources is very laggy even with hardware acceleration on (or off for that matter) Streamlabs media share is not working in this update. Videos that play in that browser source is fine for a couple of hours...
  9. D

    obs stutters with beast pc

    if anyone of yall could you help me? specs: 3090 3950x 32gb 3600mhz ssd / 2x hdd ------------------------------------------- all my recordings turn out blurry and somewhat stuttery but the stuttering is really small. and my games i play run at 300+ fps without recording, and 250fps while...
  10. D

    Stuttering video when recording at 120fps

    I need to use OBS to record at 120fps for good slow mo, but when I set the integer set value to 120 fps the video is really choppy, only displaying 1 or two frames. The audio is fine, and when I switch obs to record in 60 fps it is perfectly fine. Log:
  11. J

    Microphone keeps popping/skipping in OBS 26.1.1 (64 bit)

    This used to happen nearly on every sentence both during recordings and streams. I think I have managed to change the settings enough to minimize it somehow, but it still happens every few minutes (sometimes even more frequently) and keeps ruining the quality of my audio. Here's the latest log...
  12. D

    OBS Stuttering on Console Gameplay

    I'm having a
  13. H

    No CPU overload,no GPU overload,but game unusually lagging(Minecraft)

    I thought i could solve this problem alone and didn't post this thread for 5 months , but finally I have given up and have decided to turn to the community So I record Minecraft videos and Minecraft has different versions obviously. i started out by recording Minecraft videos in 1.16 but then...
  14. M

    OBS Studio canvas drops down to 30fps every 10 seconds or so.

    Hello! EDIT: Sorry, I didn't realize the posts need to go through approval on these forums, so I made a similar thread twice because I thought the first one failed to go through. Please delete the earlier one, thanks. Apologies, I'm new here. I tried to read through all the faqs, but couldn't...
  15. M

    Hello, getting some weird stuttering/framerate issues with OBS Studio even while NOT streaming or recording.

    Hello, I hope everyone's having a good day! I've been streaming on Twitch for a while and I've always noticed some minor framerate stuttering on my VODS. Untill now I always assumed it was on Twitch's end or something but recently I noticed that it's actually happening on OBS Studio itself...
  16. V

    OBS Recording Stutter during playback

    So I've been searching through the forums on the problem I've been having. I recently bought a new computer (specs below) which I think should be more then capable of recording 1080p60. I've tried with windows game mode, dvr and recording disabled and enabled, I've tried with all different types...
  17. J

    stream and recordings are being glitchy and stuttering

    Whenever i record or stream call of duty it looks like my frames are stuttering behind each other somehow, I've looked at every tutorial on optimised settings and have basically tried everything can someone please tell me what is wrong. My settings are: Here is an example of what is...
  18. B

    Warzone Lag whilst Streaming

    Hi. So I have been streaming Warzone for over a month now and have had an issue ever since I started. When I'm not streaming Warzone my game runs super smooth at around 100 FPS, and when I start streaming my game runs fine. However after playing a few games my game takes a complete U-turn...
  19. M

    Lag, Hitching and Stutters in Recordings

    Hello, I just started recording gameplay on a new PC I built last week (RTX 3090, Ryzen 7 5800x) and my output files are extremely laggy. None of the stutters or dropped frames are apparent in-game, only when watching the OBS mkv output file. I was originally using VBR rate control, 50,000 -...
  20. H

    Stuttering Stream Elgato HD60s?

    I currently have 2 PCs (1 game, 1 stream) connected with an elgato HD60s. Gaming PC: pc-_-83-360-038-_-Product&quicklink=true Streaming PC: gaming pc-_-83-360-075-_-Product I have OBS loaded on both...