Encoder randomly getting overloaded while recording when it usually runs fine


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I've been using OBS to record my videos for 18 months, and I've had the same settings the whole time. I've been able to record almost any game without any sort of lag, up until 12.18.2021. I didn't change any settings, yet I'm now getting the "Encoding overloaded" warning message every time I record. The videos come out with lots of frame lag/ stuttering, and sometimes it stutters the audio as well. I've been playing around with my settings ever since to find something that works, but can't seem to find a fix. Here are a few log files, one from the night before the issue occurred, and two from the day of the issue occurring. If anybody can spot something in there that would help point to a solution, it would be SO incredibly appreciated! :)


  • 2021-12-17 15-06-31.txt
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  • 2021-12-18 04-03-43.txt
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  • 2021-12-18 10-54-25.txt
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