1. I

    OBS Crashing when using Stream Record Plugin (Incl. Log)

    My OBS keeps crashing while trying to stream and record for YT in the same time. Down is the log file can someone help me address the issue please? When I close the plugin their wont be no crashes but I want to use the plugin.
  2. Liam.C

    OBS Lua AgXc: display rendering transform for camera sources 1.3.0

    Implementation of AgX for OBS as a script. This is mainly intended to be applied on live camera feeds as this would not have many benefits applied on desktop capture. What is AgX ? AgX is a display rendering transform (DRT) with the goal of improving image formation. It is suitable to convert...
  3. Blinter

    Crash from a plugin, but i dont know wich one and how to fix it

    Hi guys, I've recently buy a new pc. I've setup my OBS, everything work fine from 3 weeks. Two days ago, i've decided to install news plugins : - Move transition - Table transition Yesterday, it's worked perfectly and now my OBS crash at the startup. I've looking at the log/crashes logs and I...


    ### Thông tin hệ điều hành cửa sổ 11 ### Hệ điều hành khác _Không phản hồi_ ### Phiên bản OBS Studio 29.1.3 ### Phiên bản OBS Studio (Khác) _Không phản hồi_ ### URL nhật ký OBS Studio https://obsproject.com/logs/Bhp7lTUHoxny0thm ### URL nhật ký sự cố của OBS Studio _Không phản hồi_...
  5. S

    "Starting teh output failed. Please check the log for details."

    The log is here and i have never had any problem swith OBS. Do you have experience in that regard. https://obsproject.com/logs/cwNNunGomMJgxZvp
  6. Crinlorite

    OBS Crashing randomly every 10-30 minutes

    Good afternoon, I've been trying to solve this using less browser sources, less quality, less framerate, and I don't find a solution, the program doesn't completely crashes, it just goes stuck on preview screen and it stops sending audio and video to the stream on Twitch or any other places I...
  7. W

    Bad Image Quality (w/ Log)

    I used the wizard and tweaked some settings, I have a Ryzen 2700x with an RTX 3060, and 16 gigs of RAM. It has slightly bad image quality in Overwatch 2, I did render it in 1080p, but it looked better when I was playing the game. Here is the log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/vlLw0sjWqIo7jBal...
  8. matijaerceg

    How do I analyze this crash log?

    My OBS v 28.0.1 is crashing kinda randomly when I open certain various windows around the program, and sometimes when I just start/stop recording. How do I analyze this crash log to see what specifically may be causing the crash? I have plugins: Stream FX 0.12.0a117 Audio Monitor 0.8.1 Spout2...
  9. R

    OBS crashes when switching scene during a timer_add (Python scripting)

    Hi, I'm still quite new to scripting for OBS and I'm trying to make a timer for switching scenes for my own purposes in python, since it's the language I'm the most used to. Inside my callback function for the timer, I added the obs.obs_frontend_set_current_scene(scene) which is causing OBS to...
  10. A

    Stream Constantly Crashing

    Hello, for the past month or so my stream has been constantly crashing and I can't seem to find the solution. I've tried: Resetting my firewall settings to default Changing my obs server Updating my drivers Lowering my bitrate Lowering the resolution I stream at Running obs as administrator...
  11. B

    My recordings sound different than the way they should - Underwater

    So, I've been trying to use obs for a while now, and the only issue I've run into so far is that my recordings sound like they were captured underwater. I've Recorded Valorant, Ghostrunner, and Minecraft... They all have an undersea sound. Even my voice. Log file...
  12. W


    I have performance issues with OBS and I am having difficulty on having my settings for recording and streaming be better, here are my PC stats: Ryzen 7 2700x ROG Strix B450-F Gaming DDR4 16GB Dual Nvidia GTX 1650 Super Here is my log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/Y3fuqrCl0h6TaYiY Thank...
  13. F

    Obs zieht plötzlich sporadisch RAM leer. Memory Leak

    Tach Tach Leute, Seit einigen Tagen habe ich ein Problem mit OBS. Ich habe weder an den Einstellungen noch an der Hardware was geändert. Mitten in der Aufnahme fängt OBS an meine Ram zu ziehen. Im regelfall ist der RAM Verbrauch bei ca- 700-1000MB. Dann wird mein Stream Chat und der...
  14. E

    Encoder randomly getting overloaded while recording when it usually runs fine

    I've been using OBS to record my videos for 18 months, and I've had the same settings the whole time. I've been able to record almost any game without any sort of lag, up until 12.18.2021. I didn't change any settings, yet I'm now getting the "Encoding overloaded" warning message every time I...
  15. rachalmers

    Not loading Python. Is it ok anyway?

    The latest version of Python is 3.9.2 as well. I have Python installed on the Mac, but this doesn's see it anyway. Well not that library anyway, [Python] Could not load library: libpython3.9.dylib Cheers Logfile attached
  16. A

    OBS Studio FPS Disastrously Fluctuating

    When I play Rocket League, OBS says that the FPS is going from 60 down to 29*!R>SoSIJ. I have 0 Idea as to how or who OBS thinks they are, but my recordings look like they came out of 2010. Attached is a log file there is.
  17. P

    OBS Stream Encoding crash after sometime "CPU - Streaming/Ryzen 7 3700x"

    Streaming machine ►CPU - AMD Ryzen 7™ 3700x 3.60 - 4.40GHz ►GPU - EVGA GEFORCE RTX 3070 XC3 ULTRA GAMING 8G ►MOB - ASRock B450 Steel Legend ►PSU - Deepcool DQ750ST ►PC CASE - Deepcool Matrexx 50 ►RAM Kingston HyperX FURY 4x8GB DDR4 3200MHz ►Water Cooler - Deepcool GAMMAXX L240 V2 ►SSD -...
  18. D

    OBS crash at start

    Greetings comrades. Today catch a problem that OBS crashing at start. If i delete all settings from %appdata% OBS works fine, but i have many scenes and settings what i dont want to lose. Can you tell me pls what can be the problem. Thank you for your help and tips.
  19. S

    OBS Stops recording after 20 min

    Hi I am new at this and need some help to figure out how to record for longer then 20 min. Her is a log: https://obsproject.com/logs/w52bSNV7yG-dJJJR
  20. B

    Impossibile creare il file di uscita

    Ciao a tutti, come da titolo quando provo ad avviare una diretta, (le chiavi Facebook, YouTube o Twitch non fanno differenza), compare questo messaggio di errore "IMPOSSIBILE CREARE IL FILE DI USCITA...". Al contrario la registrazione funziona senza problemi. Ho provato anche a reinstallare OBS...