1. Toxijuice

    System instability with high FPS in 26.0.0+

    Hey there! I have this really odd issue, where the higher FPS my canvas is, the more stuttery my entire system becomes. It will sometimes even blue screen if I leave it for long enough. This happens with a fresh install of OBS, no plugins, all settings cleared, completely empty scene. It does...
  2. D

    3950x Stutters only while recording.

    Hello Everybody. I'll start by listing my specs. Gaming-Rig Motherboard:MSI Gaming Pro Carbon AC CPU:Intel i9-9900ks RAM:32 Gigs Corsair GPU:MSI 2070 RTX Streaming-Rig Motherboard:MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus CPU:AMD 3950x Ram:16 Gigs Corsair. GPU:MSI 1650 Super My OBS Settings are those. As...
  3. B

    Recordings on OBS only Laggy/Stuttering for Minecraft JAVA

    Hello! I've recently encountered a very annoying problem within this past week. My recordings on OBS have drastically started to lag and stutter and I am completely lost. I've had slight problems with it before, but nothing too major just my items would stutter on recording when I would drag...
  4. SonEfAdam

    Video stuttering even tho the game was fine

    I even set the obs priority to High. It still stutters. Thank you for your help! Log: Video: Google drive shows the video 30 fps and kind of low quality but it's...
  5. Jam Swoosh

    OBS video recording stuttering and freezing

    Hello! Please could somebody help me with this issue. Basically I've been trying to record games recently at 1080p 60fps, however, I notice when I go back in the recording that the video seems to stutter (basically it looks like the frame rate decreases for a couple of seconds) and at some point...
  6. S

    My screen source shuttering every 12 minutes

    CPU : i9 10900 (10C/20T) GPU : Nvidia 3090 (so it's on a PCIe gen3) Hello everyone and thank you for participating and helping people! My issue is not related to the encoding, recording or streaming by itself. That's why I don't include log files. It is my source (desktop) who is slowing down...
  7. P

    At wit's end with recording: bad quality/stuttering

    I have tried using auto configuration, then using youtube and forum recommendations, and I still get very fuzzy resolution and a lot of stuttering on my videos. For a while, I was getting low quality videos, but at least there was no stutter. I don't know what changed. The log says I have a lot...
  8. J

    Stuttering and or laggignn during recording

    Cyberpunk 2077 is the only game I've ever had do this to me it will randomly stutter when I'm not even in super busy areas, the game runs perfectly fine on my main monitor but when I look at my above monitor its stutters like crazy, ive bee reading over the forums for the last two days trying to...
  9. J

    Recordingis choppy and stuttering

    Gameplay is not affect at all its running fine and this is the only game I have found that has done this ever, included below is an example log of what i mean, I have since tried turning off game bar, and all the background Microsoft recording options as well
  10. wasawat_non

    Window Capture mode always stuttering "Any Applications"

    As the Headline I have the problem with "Window Capture mode" with OBS Stduio or SteamLab OBS While not capturing the Applications (Games, Browser and etc.) are just running smooth and fine. So my only solution I have is to use "Full Screen Capture mode" for games. But I still want to use...
  11. J

    Stutter every 5 seconds

    (OBS 26.0.2) HELP Stutter in both the Preview screen and Recordings/Streams. While stating 60fps both in-game and in OBS. every 5-6 seconds stutters/frame skips even while not Recording/Streaming or playing a game. -Windows 10/ Intel i7 CPU/ Nvidia GTX 1060sc GPU/ -Recording 1080p 60fps on...
  12. J

    Screen Stutter every 5 seconds

    (OBS 26.0.2) HELP Stutter in both the Preview screen and Recordings/Streams. While stating 60fps both in-game and in OBS. every 5-6 seconds stutters/frame skips even while not Recording/Streaming or playing a game. -Windows 10/ Intel i7 CPU/ Nvidia GTX 1060sc GPU/ -Recording 1080p 60fps on...
  13. Marc304

    random stuttering

    Hi, I have been trying to fix a stuttering problem for a while now. Here is a video of it: The stats display shows no frame drops I tried to - disable/enable game mode - clean install Nvidia drivers and OBS - high process priority - run as admin - use CBR and...
  14. jeanmonday

    Unfortunately, I think G-SYNC might be my issue.

    PROBLEM Unable to record buttery-smooth 60fps gameplays without having to run current monitor through HDMI and being forced to play games at 60Hz with VSync enabled. SYSTEM SPECS Lenovo Legion Y720 (Laptop) Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ (2.80GHz) NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 (6GB) 16GB (2 × 8GB)...
  15. T

    Black flickering, char stuttering on preview and in final mp4

    specs are i7 5930k 40gb rtx 3080 log: pls help :(
  16. B

    Unknown stream stutter Issue

    I'm relatively new to PC streaming but I have streamed a number of times on twitch without any issues on warzone and or valorant. I stream at 1080p and 60fps with 6000kbps bitrate (auto-configuration wizard). I have never had any issues with my stream or gaming before. As I started to play the...
  17. I

    Problem with Geometry Dash and OBS

    Recently, I tried to stream Geometry Dash using OBS as usual, but for some reason, my fps go crazy (they increase but this makes the game pretty unstable). I usually lock my fps to 240 but for some reason, after opening the OBS (no matter if it's with admin rights or not), my fps increases as...
  18. L

    Final video stuttering and not smooth Msi Laptop

    PLEASE HELP Im fairly new to this and i know many people have bin asking about the same thing but when i Record with streamlabs obs or obs the final video is not smooth and stutters sometimes. In game is perfect with no lag at all and is very smooth but video after recording is not. Its not...
  19. S

    obs stuttering while stream!

    Hi guys, i'm italian and not speak english very setting are: cpu: ryzen 7 3700x gpu: gtx 1070 (i wait 3080.......) ram: ddr4 32gb 3200mhz Windows 10 64bit motherboard: x570 aorus elite monitor: lg27gl850 144hz g sync monitor and second monitor for chat, obs, asus 144hz fullhd my obs...
  20. M

    Old Webcam Audio Stuttering?

    Hey gang, I see there are a few topics on stuttering audio and they all seem to have different answers. I don't know how unique my problem might be, but I can't find anything similar enough to answer my problem. I have an old LiveCam VX-1000 (It does work on windows 10. We found drivers.)...