Please Help! - Stuttering on Receiving/Streaming PC NDI Setup


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Trying to see if anyone can help here. I've been trying to follow other threads suggestions as well as my own troubleshooting but just still hitting the same issue. I have my main PC which is sending multiple NDI sources over to the recording/streaming PC.

They are on a 10 gig connection hardwired through a Ubiquiti Aggregation Switch. I have stream decks outputting hardware information and I've noticed that when I am normally using the PC nothing is an issue.

When I launch a game the stuttering starts. Every few seconds will just keep occurring though OBS on my Main PC shows no issues. Hardware monitoring for both computers show RAM, CPU, and GPU utilization nowhere near full utilization. Network is the interesting bit so far. On the recording/streaming PC showing a Download rate staying fairly steady. On the Main PC it appears to fluctuate wildly. For the most part this seems to correspond with the stuttering. I've tested other devices as the "main" or sending PC and it seems to only be this one.

Now the other bit is the preview on the other PC seems to be fine if the game is in the background or focus on another window on another monitor. As soon as I go back into the game it immediately starts again.

I ran both computers for about a minute or so as Administrator. For the first few seconds the game was not in focus then I brought it back into focus to trigger the stuttering. Any insight or help greatly appreciated!

Main PC Log File Streaming PC Log File


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