Stutter/Frame Duplication only on some sources


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Hello there!

I've been experiencing an issue in the last couple days that I do not know how to proceed further with when troubleshooting. For some reason I have stuttering/frame duplication issues on some of my sources both in preview and in recordings/streams in OBS. This is unreported as dropped frames by OBS as it is still hitting a constant 60fps (confirmed by a Media Source test file I am using, which isn't having the stuttering issue).

I have tested both with my DSLR via Cam-Link Pro, and a secondary camera that both replicate the issue, but it is also caused through display + game capture sources as well.

I have been present in the official OBS Community Discord, and have posted about this issue, but I wanted to post here as well. Some assistance has been provided, but the issue has not yet been resolved. So far, monitor refresh rates have been changed, I have updated to the newest stable build of OBS (v29), have installed a previous version of Nvidia drivers, removed some plugins and disabled E-cores on my CPU. Nothing seemed to have eliminated the issue.

Different installs of OBS seem to have not remedied this either, as the issue still persists on a clean portable-mode install with only one source. However, using my cameras own software, this issue is not present so it seems specific to OBS.

Here is a recent log file that had the issue present (stutters happen every 7~10 seconds). I have also provided a video that shows my own testing process and an example of the issue.

Thanks for any assistance provided!

OBS has been causing stuttering issues that seems to only effect sources like Device Capture + Display/Game Capture. I have posted this issue in the official Discord, but none of the attempted solutions have seemed to solve the issue. Different clean installs of OBS still contain the issue, with just the source present in a scene.