frame issues

  1. Y

    OBS: Capture card says I can set it to 60fps but it doesn't look like 60fps

    I recently got this capture card (Mirabox 4K Passthrough) it says I can set the framerate to 60 FPS but when I look at the preview and then the recording, it shows it goes to 30. I have read some things on the forums saying something about my color range and gpu overloading and other display...
  2. MuckleG

    Choppy Video Capture Device?

    I been having trouble with this program when I'm streaming; each time I stream, it ends up being choppy or not smooth at all. Can't tell it's either the video capture device (Elgato HD60 S) or my OBS settings. The link to this thread is an example of what's happening. Much help would be...