We did the following on this new version:
- Fixed the security code being too small to be able to identify the correct connection
- Added device name to the secure connection system
- Fixed incorrect listing of secure codes state
- Fixed minimum required versions system
- Fixed Twitch starts with chat message bug
- Fixed Twitch equals to chat message bug
- Fixed version code installer
- Added custom state parsing for playing audio
- Fixed Twitch founder not recognized as subscriber

Use the updater (restart Touch Portal) or the installer to update to this bugfix version
We did the following on this new version:

- Fixed Twitch bits events registering the amount correct (not using the name of the bit sender)
- Fixed snapshot function not showing hidden lists
- Added loading indicator for big list snapshots
- Added loading indicator for settings screen backups loading
- Added loading indicator for creating backups in settings
- Fixed updating backup list after making backup
- Added OBS current scene dynamic text
- Fixed Twitch viewers/followers/chatters counters
- Fixed sender information Twitch chat issue
- Improved the Twitch bits received event (converted to range)
- Events choice lists for plugins get updated when changed Use the updater (restart Touch Portal) or the installer to update to this bugfix version
New in version 2.2.002 & 2.2.003
Here is what we added/fixed in these version:
- Fixed endless loading splashscreen
- Added milliseconds to logging messages
- Added create state option to Plug-in system
- Added remove state option to Plug-in system
- Corrected text for custom states in dynamic text list
- Updated Spanish texts
- Fixed parsing corrupt network interfaces
- Plug-ins are now loaded directly after importing, no more need to restart
- Plug-ins are removed before updated
- Restore backup will now close running plugins before doing the restore.
- Improved performance loading action lists of buttons
- Improved plug-in error handling
- Plug-in initial start command for MacOS simplified
- Added -noLog parameter for Touch Portal
- Fixed Twitch chat sender parsed incorrectly
- Fixed plug-ins start command not being able to use relative paths
- Fixed plug-in events not updating visuals state after page refresh
- Added warnings for Twitch chat if not authenticated
- Added warnings for Twitch normal account actions if not authenticated
- Added plug-in event naming in logs when triggered
- Added restarting Twitch after changing credentials