New in version 2.1.008 (Windows)
Here is what we fixed in this bugfix version:
  • Fixed Twitch connection issues
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New in version 2.1.007
Here is what we fixed in this bugfix version:
  • Fixed scrambled fonts issues
New in version 2.1.006
Here is what we fixed in this bugfix version:
  • Fixed xsplit scene list bug
  • Improved plug-in process performance
  • Fixed height of section banners when section got too long
  • Improved obs reconnect logging spamming the log file
  • Fixed incorrect logging of obs remote control
  • Fixed icon pack list icon rendering (GIFs)
Version 2.1.005 UPDATE
Here is what we fixed in this bugfix version:
  • Fixed some small java conversion issues

Version 2.1.004 UPDATE
Here is what we fixed in this bugfix version:
  • Fixed plugin reference share of values and data
  • Fixed show/hide Slobs source toggle
  • Removed SlObS studio mode toggle (only hide and show are possible)
  • Volume up and down now work with ALL sources for OBS
Version 2.1.003 UPDATE
Here is what we fixed in this bugfix version:
  • Improved firewall detection popup with additional help
  • Fixed SLOBS source toggle loading data issue
  • Fixed plug-in parsing error logging
  • Fixed visuals change action not working with dynamic values
  • Reduce obstrusive Pro only messages
Version 2.1.002 UPDATE
Here is what we fixed in this bugfix version:
  • Fixed missing text for remote control warning
  • Fixed Spanish text
Version 2.1.001 UPDATE
Here is what we fixed in this bugfix version:
  • Extended logging for settings
  • Extended logging with time stamps
  • Refactoring code and cleaning up
  • Updated timer text for better flow
  • Fixed multiple OBS actions not working in event
  • Improved execution of event actions
  • Fixed loading complex obs scene structures
  • Added first auto fix for action list issues
  • Added if statement error icon
  • Added else logic action error icon
  • Improved drag and drop actions error icons updating
  • Fixed Streamlabs OBS unmute source acting like a toggle
  • Fix XSplit scene list being empty
  • Fix plugin startup command not always triggered
  • Added additional OBS logging
  • Added additional feedback for OBS remote being Pro upgrade only
  • Fixed some dutch translations
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A new version! Our version 2.1 is again huge! We have taken it upon ourselves to improve Touch Portal by a lot in several area's. Check it out below!

Plugin System (Pro Upgrade only)
Touch Portal introduces the first iteration of the plugin system. This system will allow developers to create plugins for Touch Portal. Developers can use the API to add actions in Touch Portal and lets them communicate directly to the Touch Portal systems.

Currently this means concretely that developers can make action categories which hold a collection of actions and events. They are also able to set states and use those in their actions. The system has run-only actions which just call a file or path that will be run. Next to these actions we have dynamic actions, which are actions that use communication between a plugin process created by the plugin developer

Touch Portal supplies the system but is not involved in the creation of the plugins. Users should be aware to only use a plugin from a legitimate and safe source. Touch Portal tries to warn the user as much as possible when using a plugin to limit the possible mis-use but in the end the enduser is responsible for only using safe and reliable plugins.

We have chosen to put the plugin system behind the Pro Upgrade because we like to give the plugin builders as much possibilities as possible but this also means that a plugin that circumvents the free-version restriction is easy to create. As you can imagine, that is not really something we would like to happen :-)

We have added two sample plugins to use that will demonstrate the sytem for you. There are some plug-ins already in development, such as Spotify.
  • Touch Portal Mac Essentials This is our example plugin that holds a few Mac essentials like activate and close application and some Music control actions. Download
  • Touch Portal Windows Essentials This is our example plugin that holds a few Windows essentials like activate and close application and some quick tools. Download

For the people interested in creating a plugin, the dpcumentation can be found here: Link to plugin system documentation

Touch Portal Updater (Windows only)
From this version on Touch Portal will look for updates when it starts. If there are updates, it will update automatically and then start Touch Portal. No more hassle with downloading and installing the latest version!

Inline action editing & graphics improvements
In this version we have made most action editable inline. So a lot less popups and a lot faster to edit your action lists. Each variable you need to change for an action is translated to a suitable control in the action line. Just change the values through the controls and the action.

We have also improved the feedback on many actions such as the visuals actions. You will now see the changes it will make directly in the image. So no more need to open the popup just to see what it does. We have altered more actions like this so you do not need to open the popup unless you need to edit something.

Actions that are not complete or just plainly wrong will be given an indication that something is wrong. You can just click the indication and a popup is shown with the information about what is incorrect.

The events are also more clear now. If you add an action outside of the event then it will show you a message that something is wrong. The events now encapsulate the actions so it will be visual clear what actions belong to the event.

You can now add margins on your button field. This way you can make the button field a bit smaller so that buttons will no longer be stuck to the sides and top and bottom.

We now have also included the button grouping functionality. Selecting this will allow you to group all your buttons and center it on your devices screen. Each button will now use the margin given and not space them evenly with at least the margin.

We have also changed the visuals of the multi select system so that you can see more clearly what has been selected.

Philips Hue Support
We have added support for Philips Hue. You can control your lights right from Touch Portal. No more delays when using IFTTT to turn on and off ligts or give them a color.

Action Category list upgrades
We have improved the action category list.

All actions and event have a label now indicating what type it is. This will improve the usability of the list.

You can now hide categories now to keep your list as clear as possible.

New action coloring themes

Logging of Touch Portal
Touch Portal v2.1 will log information and errors to a log file which can be found in the root data folder. If something happens or does not work, you can check this file to see what it says about the situation.

Network Adapter picker
If you have multiple (virtual) network adapters on your system, it sometimes becomes difficult to let Touch Portal use the correct adapter. With the picker you can select the correct one and it will use that everytime.

Custom states (Pro Upgrade only)
From this version you are able to create custom states within Touch Portal. A custom state is just a variable which you can assign a value to. This custom state can be used in our IF statemens, in our events and even in textfields such as the write text action.

Say for example just an ON and OFF state for a button is not enough. You can define a custom state. A custom state can have as many states as you want. Take for example a state where you need ON, OFF and half-ON. With a custom state you can set it to one of these three states. The IF statements can be used to test against these three states. You can also set event listeners that listen for these custom states differently.

With the above image, we have created a custom state with the name Light Color. The initial value is red but it can be whatever you need.

This is an example of how you could use the custom state as events in your button. When you change the states, using the change custom state actions, you can listen for the value and act accordingly. So when you change the state to green for example, the button background will change to green as well because we do this on that specific event.

We have created a guide to get started with the custom states: An introduction to custom states
Streamlabs OBS Actions & Events
Again we upgrade the experience for our Steamlabs OBS users. From version 2.1 you can enjoy nice new Streamlabs OBS additions:
  • Added the Start and Stop Replay Buffer actions
  • Added Save the Replay Buffer action.
  • Added Enable and Disable studio mode actions
  • With the inline action functionality, it was nice to group more of the same actions together.

New OBS features
Again in this new update we serve our OBS users. This time with some nice additions.
  • Added OBS show and hide Source as addition to the toggle
  • Added OBS mute and unmute source as addition to the toggle
  • For some OBS actions we extended the sources shown in the list.
  • Added Set Profile action
  • Added Set Source Filter visibility action
  • Added On Source Filter visibility change event
  • Added additional CPU events; total stream time, kbits-per-sec and strain.
  • Added set current transition action
  • With the inline action functionality, it was nice to group more of the same actions together.
  • You can now connect to a remote OBS ip address to control it with Touch Portal if you have the Pro Upgraded. With this you can use Touch Portal in a dual PC setup.
  • Added Set Scene Collection action
  • Added On Source muted event

Twitch features
In this update we have also taken on some Twitch features:
  • Added set Twitch Stream Title action
  • Added set Twitch Stream Status action
  • Added last created clip saved to state. You can use this state in other actions, such as sending the clip directly to your Twitch chat or to Twitter.
  • Grouped Twitch actions where possible
More new Actions!
We have also added more action in several categories:
  • Added HTTP Put action
  • We added a mouse click at location action. You can now left, right or middle click with the mouse on a specified location on screen.
  • A new Toggle State action is introduced. If you do not require a full if statement structure just to toggle an action, this will allow you to toggle the state of the button.
  • The end-if action is no longer a seperate action to add. To create a more user friendly system it will be coupled with the if-statement action.
  • Added Loop X amount of times action in the logic section. Just be aware of using this, loops run their course. You cannot interrupt this.
  • We have also created an auto text updater which will update the text of the button whenever its value changes. This will work great with the Touch Portal dynamic text objects.

Twitter features
In this update we have also added a new Twitter action:
  • Set Profile name action
Performance boost & improvements!
We have:
  • Improved speed opening button screen
  • Improved limit re-renders on multiple parts of the app
  • Improved swapping page speed
  • Improved loading page with GIFs speed
  • Improved control+click to go to page opening speed
  • Improved speed handling buttons (edit, deleting etc) on main screen
  • Improved rendering speed when changing grid size
  • Added feedback for non-Pro Upgrade users when adding GIFs
Additions to the Pro Upgrade!
To make the Pro Upgrade a bit more attractive, we have added additional features that are only accessible to users that bought the Pro Upgrade.
  • You can now set and use custom states for your logic functions. With custom states you can have more than just true or false. You could for example use it as a state machine for lights. You can make complex button functionality which is shared over buttons.
  • You can now connect to a remote OBS ip address to control it with Touch Portal if you have the Pro Upgraded. With this you can use Touch Portal in a dual PC setup.
  • Plugin system, see the top of this page for more information.
What else ?!
  • You can now resize the windows if you need to. More screen space to edit your buttons in Touch Portal.
  • You can now easily copy a button id from the right-click menu on a button. No need to open it and scroll down the properties list anymore.
  • We made a lot of texts translatable in the application. We already did so a version ago but now even more can be translated to a different language.
  • We made several textual changes
  • More text input functions can use the states, such as the write text action.
  • You can now play multiple sounds at once through Touch Portal. No more stopping the previous sound.

And of course we have fixed some bugs:

  • Fixed crash of button when importing a button without image data where it is expected.
  • Fixed settings file slow processing
  • Fixed nested IF statements not taking the previous state properly.
  • Fixed graphical issue with Spanish text in Twitter screens.
  • Fixed duplicate images
  • Fixed images not being removed after button is removed
Touch Portal v2.0.004
- Added backup system
- Added tools menu item to load icon packs and make backups
- Fixed hang when using a very large background image.
- MacOs only: Added Top bar system tray icon
- MacOs only: Added more mac look and feel
- MacOs only: Added menu bar to open and close Touch Portal
- Changed behavior on cancel import icon pack
- OBS password is now a password field instead of plain text
Mac OS X:

- German language added
- Added credits section in the settings
- Timer action could hang in some cases, this is fixed now.
- GIF heavy pages now load and show faster
- Mac-only: Resizing button grid when using GIF heavy page will no longer skip sizes.
- Fixed several translation issues
- Added Multi-select
- Fixed AltGr issue, will now translate to Ctrl + Alt
- Fixed crash when using Mac Key Presses on a windows computer
- Fixed Streamlabs scene events firing when OBS in active
- Fixed importing buttons with png icons in events, they are now imported correctly

- Fixed new and old application start functionality. It is more robust this way.
- Preparation for reset to default updating on mobile correctly
- Batches are now run in silent mode.
- Allowed icons from TP icons folder as well
- Fixed slobs scene select screen for french
- Fixed state awareness action rendering
- Fixed https update link and download link
- Removed portrait question when loading old pages, this is done in manage menu from now on.
- Fixed text issues OBS Streaming window.

- Added new flat logo for Touch Portal
- Fixed crash for retrieving pro upgrade from google servers
- Fixed crash when no server ip was filled in by user and on different network
- Fixed crash when wifi adapter is in No Route hang
- Fixed delete button update
- Fixed default text update
- Fixed changing button span update
- Fixed background removal
- Fixed background color with background image

A new version! Our version 2.0 is huge! We have taken it upon ourselves to improve Touch Portal by a lot in several area's. Check it out below!

All character support!
To all our German, Spanish, Turkish, French, Portugese friends and all other users who wanted to use other characters than the ABC, we are sorry we did not do this earlier on! But fear not, version 2.0 allows all characters! You can even use smileys. You need a ß ? You can use it! you need a þ ? All possible from now on!

New Visuals
So we changed the button preview screen a bit. We added a device frame on which the buttons are placed. This gives a better visual representation about what it looks like on a generic tablet or phone. But we went even further, you can also select to simulate your connected device. It will then try to mimic the correct aspect ratio of your device. Due to that your device is different in pixel density it cannot be a perfect fit but it comes really close.

From now on you can change the space between buttons per page. You can remove the spaces all together or use all sorts of different spacing. This way you can change it to your liking.

We also changed the way you can use text on your button. We added a few extra options for you:
  • Different text sizes
  • You can left, center and right align the text
  • You can turn of the text shadow.
  • You can now multiline the text.

We have also added an animation when you remove a button. Just because we can and we like it :-)
For each page you can now select the orientation. This is only used to give you a good example of how it would look like on that orientation. Also some measurement for the simulated connected device needs this information so set the page to the correct orientation on how you use it.
(Pro Upgrade Only) You can also add a background image to your page. In the settings screen you can go to the Info section to get the exact dimensions of the area where the buttons are rendered so that you can create a perfect background. Background images are stretched automatically when it is not a perfect match.

Onboarding for new users
We added an onboarding feature where we let our users choose their language, their prefered software package, such as OBS or Streamlabs OBS, and we let them choose some settings. Touch Portal will create pages with buttons for these packages so that the user can use Touch Portal right away.

Over the past months Touch Portal has gotten a lot bigger so for some new users Touch Portal may be a bit overwhelming so we decided to extend the onboarding with some additional explain steps when you first start the main screen.

Streamlabs OBS Events
In the last version we introduced several of nice OBS events and disappointed our Streamlabs OBS users because they also really wanted that functionality. So from version 2.0 you can enjoy nice new Streamlabs OBS additions:
  • Added the When the recording state changes event
  • Added the When the streaming state changes event
  • Added the When the visibility of a scene item/source changes
  • More actions are editable

New OBS features
Again in this new update we serve our OBS users. This time with some nice additions.
  • Auto-connect option
  • Live button text, you can add an action that will update the text of the button with the given data (FPS, memory used by OBS and more) each two seconds.
  • Pause and Resume recording
  • We added Studio Mode to the If Statement. You can now do different stuff when Studio Mode is active.
Performance boost!
We have rearranged the data and reformatted the data that is send between the device and the desktop. This results in a 60% speed gain in going to pages. This will let the app feel even more quick and without too much lag. We also needed this to allow for all the new features added this version.

On both Android and iOS you can now also turn on a screensaver. Just go to the settings and turn it on and specify the amount of seconds after which you want the screensaver become active.

Twitch Commercials
Since Twitch upgraded their functionality to also allow affiliates to run commercials during streaming it was time for us to also add that functionality to Touch Portal. So from now on you can use them, just keep in mind that Twitch only allows 1 commerical per 8+ minutes.

New Grid system
With version 2.0 we have updated our grid system. Instead of having a list of buttons place in a grid, we now actually have a grid data set. This comes with a few changes to its behaviour:
  • When you change the grid size, button are no longer rearranged
  • Changing the buttons by dragging work differently now, you change the order within the grid.
  • Page orientations are stored per page as of now. The benefit of this is that in Touch Portal desktop the page will always be positioned like you want it. Differently per page.
The new grid system also allows buttons to be bigger than just one grid cell. In the settings of the button you can now specify how many row cells and column cells big the button should be.

Additions to the Pro Upgrade!
To make the Pro Upgrade a bit more attractive, we have added additional features that are only accessible to users that bought the Pro Upgrade.
  • You can now use animated GIFs!!!
  • You can also add background images to a page
  • You can Ctrl+Shift click a button and it will be run
What else ?!
  • You can now copy events and actions from a button in one go.
  • You can clear all your events or actions with one action
  • You can now add images on Twitter and use all character sets as well.
  • You are not using the Windows firewall? You can turn of the warning message on startup when Touch Portal is not properly added in the firewall.
  • For new users we added a message when you close Touch Portal for the first time. It will explain that the X is only to minimize. Fully closing Touch Portal should be done with the system tray icon.
  • We added this overview as well when you have updated to this version with the first startup.
  • We did some small visual changes here and there, just to make things look a bit better.
  • We added OS checks for the If Statements. You can now add an If statement which checks on which OS Touch Portal is running. This is especially handy for page building and exporting. You can make one page for both Windows and macOs.
  • In settings you can turn on that each new page you create will have a button back to main. This way you can create pages faster and you will never be on a page without a back button to somewhere else.
  • We have added a new action that allows you to change the state of another button.
  • We changed the help link of the main page to our FAQ on our website.
  • We added a discord button on the top, so not registered people know where to go.
And of course we have fixed some bugs:
  • Fixed button export, now includes images from your logic functions as well
  • Fixed the working directory for all run actions. This will mimic the windows behaviour when you double click the same script or application in windows explorer.
  • We removed cancel from the yes and no message boxes
  • Fixed issues with Button ids when copying or dragging them around.
  • Add Go to page action screen now lists the pages in alphabetical order.
  • All our run actions do no longer require to be without spaces.
  • All our run actions now set the parent location as the current working directory. Running these files will work exactly like double clicking it through windows explorer.
A new version! Version 1.10 is focussed more on eliminating the "help question" from our users. There are a lot of user settings such as firewalls and java versions which could block Touch Portal to run and so we needed to do something about it. Here is the list of all changes.New Icon Pack system
From version 1.10 Touch Portal supports multiple icon packs. You can import icon packs with the import icon packs in the icon pack screen. you can now import icon packs into Touch Portal.

Icon creators can from now on create icon packs themselves. For more information check out our small blog about the icon pack system

HTTP Post and Get actions
In version 1.10 you can send GET and POST requests. We have added multiple optional settings for these requests so you should be able to do almost everything. Do you miss a setting? Let us know! We already tested this with our home automation system and with IFTTT and controlled our home with TP!

Fixing the Help Request?
On a daily base we get a few help requests from our users. Almost always this is related to a couple of things such as firewall settings, java versions and such. We really like to help our users but we felt that we could do more pro-actively for our users in this regard. So we worked on the most asked for help questions:

  • Touch Portal will now check for Windows Firewall settings at the start. If the correct javaw.exe is not present, it will show the user a message with help on how to fix that.
  • Touch Portal usually stores all data of your creations into the TouchPortal in the documents folder of windows installation. We have changed this to the AppData folder because onedrive and online Microsoft accounts could not handle the documents version correctly due to access issues.
  • We have added a Info section in the settings. This is a list of settings we need when helping our users. With a nice easy copy to clipboard button, users can easily copy and paste that info in an email or on our discord.
  • Touch Portal will also check if the correct major version of java is used during startup. Touch Portal runs on Java 8.
  • Touch Portal will show now when you get the message "OBS not connected" that you also have to check the Palakis plugin. For some users it is not clear that it is required.
  • We have replaced the import and export button functionality to the right click menu of a button in the homescreen. Some users did not find the functionality in the title bar and this new place makes more sense.

What else ?!

  • In our previous version we added a lot of functionality but we forgot to add a "Set Scene to Preview" action and a "Transition to Live" action for OBS Studio mode, so we added those.
  • You can now double click an action to edit it.

And of course we have fixed some bugs:

  • We fixed the issue that some pages did not load properly because of the page being renamed in the past.
  • We fixed that the copy style also includes whether the icon is stretched or not

Download Windows:
Mac OS X: