1. L

    Can't find my Android device in Sources-DroidCam OBS

    Hi there, I'm trying to use my Samsung S22 Ultra as Cam, but it refuses to show up in my device settings. I did install DroidCam OBS on my desktop and on my Mobile, but nor in WiFi nor USB it shows up. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? I tried almost everything I could find on YouTube...
  2. R


    Hello friends, I have been looking for an application to broadcast over the phone for a long time, but there is no one. Why can't OBS, which does this job well, release a version for mobile?Please take this into consideration and take a step for mobile, it is important that the screen interface...
  3. T

    Virtual camera on Android

    Good afternoon. Tell me, please, how can I bring a virtual camera to my Android 13? Important, not From Android TO OBS Desktop, but from OBS Desktop TO Android. If this cannot be done by OBS means, then could you suggest me alternative ways? Thank you...
  4. I

    can i broadcast at twitch with Android tablet

    こんにちは、皆さん、質問させてください。 Android タブレットを使用して Twitch でブロードキャストできますか?
  5. R

    Stream OBS to LAN and watch it live on Android?

    Can we do that yet? I only have windows 10 and android. And I would like to stream my OBS output to my android with less latency (so watching my own stream from youtube is not the solution). I heard about NDI but currently NDI could not support ARM based phone to decode its signal. Weblink does...
  6. NrGamerBR

    OBS Studio for Android, is it possible?

    Would it be possible to port OBS Studio to Android, thus making a mobile version with some of the main tools? For example: • Screen Capture support with cropping and resizing options; • Support for Scenes and Transitions; • Text, Image, Video, USB Video and Web Layer Support; • Support for...
  7. D

    SRT with 3x android sources - sync and master audio Questions

    Hi there. I am using a LARIX SRT output from each of 3 android phones which is input into OBS running on a win10 laptop with a wifi hotspot connecting all 3 phones. OBS input source is in the format "srt://192.168.nnn.NNN:PPPP?mode=listener" . The PPPP is the port number, and is different for...
  8. leandro935

    Send NDI To Tablet or Android Device

    Hola, hace mucho tiempo que estoy haciendo transmisiones con el estudio OBS lo que pasa es que tengo una radio y estoy en la cabina de DJ o (operador) y el altavoz separado por vidrio en la cabina del estudio y la PC que recibió el NDI al verse ardo. Para llegar al punto, necesito saber cómo...
  9. zde82904

    Possible Mobile Port (Android)

    A possible mobile port would allow mobile games to be streamed without using an emulation software on your PC. Granted, it would be difficult to code, but with such a huge community, I don't see that being a problem, because if you publish an apk to beta test it, we can supply feedback, and once...
  10. T

    Speechchat read verbally on Android.

    I'm using a Mac to organize my picture and to do other stuff associate with OBS but I'm actually broadcasting on a Android using an HDMI USB capture card, and broadcasting the picture as is. The only problem is even though I have two internet sources one for my video game system weatherby Xbox...
  11. B

    Question / Help Receiver from Androind to Win10 freezes

    Hello, need so help to troubleshoot... I create Window Capture, and select Receiver.exe which allows Screen Mirroring from droid device (Mi Pad 4) to Windows 10. The receiver in it's own window works fine, yet it OBS it is frozen picture unless I move the Receiver's window from one display to...
  12. E

    Question / Help Lag while using DroidCam & USB Mixer

    Recently, I have experienced an issue where I find a lag in the video coming from my DroidCam source (using usb) and using my audio mixer (Yamaha MG10XU through usb). prior to this I had no lag while using DroidCam and the built in microphone (of my phone through DroidCam). But since the last...
  13. D

    Question / Help Android Sound Issues; iOS & PC sounds great

    I'm running into an issue where anyone on an Android device is complaining about sound. The sound is distorted and garbled from an android. The same video on a PC or iOS sounds great and is not distorted or garbled. I am using a canon hd camera coming into an ATEM mini which feeds OBS. I...
  14. evilarceus

    Semi-free [Android] StreamControl - Remote for OBS Studio 2.0.0

    (slightly modified from the Google Play Store listing) This app allows you to remotely control OBS Studio from a computer within the network. This functionality prevents the need of tabbing out of your current application, such as a game, in order to make small changes to your broadcast. In...
  15. touch_portal

    Semi-free Touch Portal 4.0 build 2

    Touch Portal is a companion app to control a PC or a Mac by using a deck of buttons to improve the workflow & productivity of game streamers, content creators and professionals Use cases: - Game streamers: Stream your games while having total control of your broadcast overlays with a deck of...
  16. T

    Question / Help Connect Android to Obs WITHOUT VIDEO CAPTURARER?

    How are you? good day A few days ago I bought a cell phone with a USB 3.1 type C input, my question is Can I use OBS if I connect my cell phone with an adapter (NOT VIDEO CAPTURATOR) with HDMI output? I mean, if I use the Obs adapter, will I recognize the signal?
  17. R

    Question / Help OBS Host not accepting in Android phone

    I download the OBS Remote app on my android phone It installed but opening app the first thing it ask is OBS Host. I entered the IP Address but it is unable to connect. Can any body please help me. Is OBS available in Pakistan?
  18. R

    Semi-free Deckboard 3.0.0

    Avaiable on All Platforms! Server: Windows, MacOS, Linux Client: Android and iOS Development Status : Active Create custom computer macro shortcuts and launch them through your device. No more windows switching to open the folder or website, get Deckboard to simplify them and maximize your...