1. S

    How to override SPACE shortcut for Parameters window, and how disabling shorcuts when OBS not in foreground

    Good morning. I have two questions : - How to define SPACE for the pause, knowing that this key is already taken natively by the software to open the Parameters window? - How to make OBS hotkeys only work when OBS is in the foreground? THANKS.
  2. xKaioh

    Keyboard shortcuts randomly stop working

    I use a Mac Mini M2 8/256 and I configured shortcuts to activate the PTZ presets of the two cameras I have, in addition to the fade and cut, everything works beautifully in the test and often even in the event, but every now and then all the keyboard shortcuts stop working. respond correctly...
  3. phaelfp

    Shortcut for audio input in the mixer

    Can I control the audio mixer by shortcut, to raise and lower the input? Mutating or unmuting I already know there's a shortcut for that.
  4. felix_f

    Additional shortcut keys from script

    Hi, I would like to remap some keys from a second keyboard using python to use them as macro keys for other apps (mainly obs). I have the script mostly done, but I have a problem simulating a key press that is not used already, and that obs will actually like. As you can see below, I can either...
  5. A

    Sending hotkeys to browser dock

    Hi all, I'm looking for a method to send keypresses to a browser dock when it's not focused. I have an HTTP interface in a browser dock which I would like to control with keyboard shortcuts even when the dock isn't focused. Ideally this would all be done from a Python script, but it looks like...
  6. J

    Recording feedback, in full-screen mode when R is pressed

    Hello, I will use OBS-studio to record videos always in full-screen by pressing R (record) and S (stop). However, I do not get any feedback from the program, and I do not have a confirmation whether I am recording or not. Do you know how could I solve this issue? Thanks in advance.
  7. touch_portal

    Semi-free Touch Portal 4.0 build 2

    Touch Portal is a companion app to control a PC or a Mac by using a deck of buttons to improve the workflow & productivity of game streamers, content creators and professionals Use cases: - Game streamers: Stream your games while having total control of your broadcast overlays with a deck of...