This is for all you Elite Dangerous players:
Chris2A released another awesome plugin, now it's for Elite Dangerous.
The SubReddit post:
We have release a new version of the 2.2.005 version for Android:
- In this version we improved the security code system and we have fixed a few small bugs
- We improved our in-app purchase system to be future proof on Android.
- We have added the ability to turn off the always-on-screen
- We have added Full screen possibility as an EXPERIMENTAL function. Due to the nature of this system and the supported Android versions of our app, this may not work for everyone. Should also be Pro Upgrade only
- We have added an option to add a sound to a press. It uses the internal alarm sounds system. So sounds depend on the device.
- Some minor bug fixes
We did the following on this new version:
- Fixed the security code being too small to be able to identify the correct connection
- Added device name to the secure connection system
- Fixed incorrect listing of secure codes state
- Fixed minimum required versions system
- Fixed Twitch starts with chat message bug
- Fixed Twitch equals to chat message bug
- Fixed version code installer
- Added custom state parsing for playing audio
- Fixed Twitch founder not recognized as subscriber

Use the updater (restart Touch Portal) or the installer to update to this bugfix version