Touch Portal

Semi-free Touch Portal 2.0.004

Touch Portal v2.0.004
- Added backup system
- Added tools menu item to load icon packs and make backups
- Fixed hang when using a very large background image.
- MacOs only: Added Top bar system tray icon
- MacOs only: Added more mac look and feel
- MacOs only: Added menu bar to open and close Touch Portal
- Changed behavior on cancel import icon pack
- OBS password is now a password field instead of plain text
Mac OS X:

- German language added
- Added credits section in the settings
- Timer action could hang in some cases, this is fixed now.
- GIF heavy pages now load and show faster
- Mac-only: Resizing button grid when using GIF heavy page will no longer skip sizes.
- Fixed several translation issues
- Added Multi-select
- Fixed AltGr issue, will now translate to Ctrl + Alt
- Fixed crash when using Mac Key Presses on a windows computer
- Fixed Streamlabs scene events firing when OBS in active
- Fixed importing buttons with png icons in events, they are now imported correctly

- Fixed new and old application start functionality. It is more robust this way.
- Preparation for reset to default updating on mobile correctly
- Batches are now run in silent mode.
- Allowed icons from TP icons folder as well
- Fixed slobs scene select screen for french
- Fixed state awareness action rendering
- Fixed https update link and download link
- Removed portrait question when loading old pages, this is done in manage menu from now on.
- Fixed text issues OBS Streaming window.

- Added new flat logo for Touch Portal
- Fixed crash for retrieving pro upgrade from google servers
- Fixed crash when no server ip was filled in by user and on different network
- Fixed crash when wifi adapter is in No Route hang
- Fixed delete button update
- Fixed default text update
- Fixed changing button span update
- Fixed background removal
- Fixed background color with background image

A new version! Our version 2.0 is huge! We have taken it upon ourselves to improve Touch Portal by a lot in several area's. Check it out below!

All character support!
To all our German, Spanish, Turkish, French, Portugese friends and all other users who wanted to use other characters than the ABC, we are sorry we did not do this earlier on! But fear not, version 2.0 allows all characters! You can even use smileys. You need a ß ? You can use it! you need a þ ? All possible from now on!

New Visuals
So we changed the button preview screen a bit. We added a device frame on which the buttons are placed. This gives a better visual representation about what it looks like on a generic tablet or phone. But we went even further, you can also select to simulate your connected device. It will then try to mimic the correct aspect ratio of your device. Due to that your device is different in pixel density it cannot be a perfect fit but it comes really close.

From now on you can change the space between buttons per page. You can remove the spaces all together or use all sorts of different spacing. This way you can change it to your liking.

We also changed the way you can use text on your button. We added a few extra options for you:
  • Different text sizes
  • You can left, center and right align the text
  • You can turn of the text shadow.
  • You can now multiline the text.

We have also added an animation when you remove a button. Just because we can and we like it :-)
For each page you can now select the orientation. This is only used to give you a good example of how it would look like on that orientation. Also some measurement for the simulated connected device needs this information so set the page to the correct orientation on how you use it.
(Pro Upgrade Only) You can also add a background image to your page. In the settings screen you can go to the Info section to get the exact dimensions of the area where the buttons are rendered so that you can create a perfect background. Background images are stretched automatically when it is not a perfect match.

Onboarding for new users
We added an onboarding feature where we let our users choose their language, their prefered software package, such as OBS or Streamlabs OBS, and we let them choose some settings. Touch Portal will create pages with buttons for these packages so that the user can use Touch Portal right away.

Over the past months Touch Portal has gotten a lot bigger so for some new users Touch Portal may be a bit overwhelming so we decided to extend the onboarding with some additional explain steps when you first start the main screen.

Streamlabs OBS Events
In the last version we introduced several of nice OBS events and disappointed our Streamlabs OBS users because they also really wanted that functionality. So from version 2.0 you can enjoy nice new Streamlabs OBS additions:
  • Added the When the recording state changes event
  • Added the When the streaming state changes event
  • Added the When the visibility of a scene item/source changes
  • More actions are editable

New OBS features
Again in this new update we serve our OBS users. This time with some nice additions.
  • Auto-connect option
  • Live button text, you can add an action that will update the text of the button with the given data (FPS, memory used by OBS and more) each two seconds.
  • Pause and Resume recording
  • We added Studio Mode to the If Statement. You can now do different stuff when Studio Mode is active.
Performance boost!
We have rearranged the data and reformatted the data that is send between the device and the desktop. This results in a 60% speed gain in going to pages. This will let the app feel even more quick and without too much lag. We also needed this to allow for all the new features added this version.

On both Android and iOS you can now also turn on a screensaver. Just go to the settings and turn it on and specify the amount of seconds after which you want the screensaver become active.

Twitch Commercials
Since Twitch upgraded their functionality to also allow affiliates to run commercials during streaming it was time for us to also add that functionality to Touch Portal. So from now on you can use them, just keep in mind that Twitch only allows 1 commerical per 8+ minutes.

New Grid system
With version 2.0 we have updated our grid system. Instead of having a list of buttons place in a grid, we now actually have a grid data set. This comes with a few changes to its behaviour:
  • When you change the grid size, button are no longer rearranged
  • Changing the buttons by dragging work differently now, you change the order within the grid.
  • Page orientations are stored per page as of now. The benefit of this is that in Touch Portal desktop the page will always be positioned like you want it. Differently per page.
The new grid system also allows buttons to be bigger than just one grid cell. In the settings of the button you can now specify how many row cells and column cells big the button should be.

Additions to the Pro Upgrade!
To make the Pro Upgrade a bit more attractive, we have added additional features that are only accessible to users that bought the Pro Upgrade.
  • You can now use animated GIFs!!!
  • You can also add background images to a page
  • You can Ctrl+Shift click a button and it will be run
What else ?!
  • You can now copy events and actions from a button in one go.
  • You can clear all your events or actions with one action
  • You can now add images on Twitter and use all character sets as well.
  • You are not using the Windows firewall? You can turn of the warning message on startup when Touch Portal is not properly added in the firewall.
  • For new users we added a message when you close Touch Portal for the first time. It will explain that the X is only to minimize. Fully closing Touch Portal should be done with the system tray icon.
  • We added this overview as well when you have updated to this version with the first startup.
  • We did some small visual changes here and there, just to make things look a bit better.
  • We added OS checks for the If Statements. You can now add an If statement which checks on which OS Touch Portal is running. This is especially handy for page building and exporting. You can make one page for both Windows and macOs.
  • In settings you can turn on that each new page you create will have a button back to main. This way you can create pages faster and you will never be on a page without a back button to somewhere else.
  • We have added a new action that allows you to change the state of another button.
  • We changed the help link of the main page to our FAQ on our website.
  • We added a discord button on the top, so not registered people know where to go.
And of course we have fixed some bugs:
  • Fixed button export, now includes images from your logic functions as well
  • Fixed the working directory for all run actions. This will mimic the windows behaviour when you double click the same script or application in windows explorer.
  • We removed cancel from the yes and no message boxes
  • Fixed issues with Button ids when copying or dragging them around.
  • Add Go to page action screen now lists the pages in alphabetical order.
  • All our run actions do no longer require to be without spaces.
  • All our run actions now set the parent location as the current working directory. Running these files will work exactly like double clicking it through windows explorer.
A new version! Version 1.10 is focussed more on eliminating the "help question" from our users. There are a lot of user settings such as firewalls and java versions which could block Touch Portal to run and so we needed to do something about it. Here is the list of all changes.New Icon Pack system
From version 1.10 Touch Portal supports multiple icon packs. You can import icon packs with the import icon packs in the icon pack screen. you can now import icon packs into Touch Portal.

Icon creators can from now on create icon packs themselves. For more information check out our small blog about the icon pack system

HTTP Post and Get actions
In version 1.10 you can send GET and POST requests. We have added multiple optional settings for these requests so you should be able to do almost everything. Do you miss a setting? Let us know! We already tested this with our home automation system and with IFTTT and controlled our home with TP!

Fixing the Help Request?
On a daily base we get a few help requests from our users. Almost always this is related to a couple of things such as firewall settings, java versions and such. We really like to help our users but we felt that we could do more pro-actively for our users in this regard. So we worked on the most asked for help questions:

  • Touch Portal will now check for Windows Firewall settings at the start. If the correct javaw.exe is not present, it will show the user a message with help on how to fix that.
  • Touch Portal usually stores all data of your creations into the TouchPortal in the documents folder of windows installation. We have changed this to the AppData folder because onedrive and online Microsoft accounts could not handle the documents version correctly due to access issues.
  • We have added a Info section in the settings. This is a list of settings we need when helping our users. With a nice easy copy to clipboard button, users can easily copy and paste that info in an email or on our discord.
  • Touch Portal will also check if the correct major version of java is used during startup. Touch Portal runs on Java 8.
  • Touch Portal will show now when you get the message "OBS not connected" that you also have to check the Palakis plugin. For some users it is not clear that it is required.
  • We have replaced the import and export button functionality to the right click menu of a button in the homescreen. Some users did not find the functionality in the title bar and this new place makes more sense.

What else ?!

  • In our previous version we added a lot of functionality but we forgot to add a "Set Scene to Preview" action and a "Transition to Live" action for OBS Studio mode, so we added those.
  • You can now double click an action to edit it.

And of course we have fixed some bugs:

  • We fixed the issue that some pages did not load properly because of the page being renamed in the past.
  • We fixed that the copy style also includes whether the icon is stretched or not

Download Windows:
Mac OS X:
- New OBS features
- Secure Connection
- Growing buttons
- Edit actions and events
- Copy and paste actions

What else ?!
- You can now set a volume for playing audio files.
- Fixed the JDK issue where users which had the JDK installed could not run Touch Portal anymore.
- Added press duration for for Key Press actions.
- Changed the initial state of ON / OFF buttons. You can set them for each button separately. Just choose what the initial state should be for the button in the button settings.
- When importing a page that already exists, Touch Portal will now auto-rename the page.

Bugfixes and improvements:
- For free user the information box did not popup anymore, fixed that
- Fixed several OBS related bugs
- Made Touch Portal a bit smarter in regard of communication.
- We renamed a few things to make the app a bit more easy for our users.
- Fixed a bug where StreamLabs OBS events were triggering even when not met the criteria





We have added a lot of new features in release version 1.8 for windows and mac OS. Here is the list of all changes.

USB Connection
We have added USB connection to Touch Portal for Windows and Android. For our users who cannot connect using WiFi because they are on a secure network or something like that we now have a solution.

For this to work, you need to turn on ADB-Debugging on your Android phone. You can do this with the following steps:

  1. Turn on the Developer settings on Android
    1. Go to settings
    2. Go to phone information
    3. Find the entry with the build number
    4. Press it 10 times or so until see you the message that developer settings are enabled.
  2. Go to the developer settings
  3. Locate the USB Debugging feature and turn it on
  4. On your device a popup should show with the question to allow communication. Allow it

To connect using USB you have to set in your mobile app that you want to connect to USB instead of WiFi. When set to USB you need to connect from the desktop application to be able to use USB. With USB the connection is maintained from the desktop instead of from the mobile device. Functionality is the same except that you need to start the connection from the desktop application.

Just be sure to switch to wifi if you do not want to use the usb connection anymore.

Button Events
We have added events to buttons. From this moment buttons can act when an event happens. Events such as start-streaming or new-follower. Just set the event in the events list and every action put below it will be triggered when the event happens.

With this release the system is there but we do not have many events yet, but you have to start somewhere. In future releases we can easily add new events for all sorts of systems and applications! We have added the following events in this release:

  • On Button State Change event (On and Off state)
  • On Scene changed Streamlabs OBS

Toggle Buttons
Just to be clear; we did not create simple toggle buttons. We have created a system that allows you to create toggle buttons. With this system you can not only create toggle buttons but in the future you can also easily create multi-tap buttons or visual representations on the button (think of cpu/memory usage, followers etc.). We have created this system with freedom of use in mind. We see our users do a lot of impressive things with Touch Portal and we do not want to limit that imagination. Thus we created the building blocks to make toggle buttons. Please read our blog about toggle buttons to understand how the system works. Or you can watch our video below:

Real time page changes feedback

We have renewed the communication of Touch Portal. This has some big impact. It allows for USB connections now but it also allows for two way communication between the app and the desktop software. Buttons will be updated in realtime from now on when the page on the mobile device matches the desktop version. If you change the page on the desktop, this will NOT change on the mobile. The mobile is still leading and the desktop application is still for editting the pages but when you edit a page which is the current active page on the mobile device, you will see the changes.

New Action - Change button visuals action
You can now add an action that will change, when run, the visuals of the button you have added the action too. This is an important part of the toggle buttons. You can find the action in the new category called "visuals".

New Action - Set Button state
Buttons now have state. You can change the state of a button with this new action. Currently we only allow the state to be set to ON or OFF. In the future we will improve on this to also allow to set a number value. This will then allow for things like multi tap. But that is for the future, for now just ON and OFF.

What else ?!
From now on, when you press a button, the handling of that button will be done asynchronous. This means that you can press multiple buttons without them having to wait for the previous button pressed was completed. Because of the async actions we have widened the limits of a timer action . You can now set the timer from 100 milliseconds to 24 hours. But there is more, from now on you can drag the action to a position instead of swapping it with the action you dragged to. A special grey line will be shown where the action will be placed. To create pages faster and more precise we have also added the feature to copy and paste buttons. But sometimes you just want the same look and feel so we added a copy and paste button style as well. Just right click on the button and select the action you want to do. We also changed the default ports because our previous port was a port that was used by quite a few other software packages.

And of course we have fixed some bugs:

  • The list no longer reorders when adding new items after a reorder.
  • Importing buttons from others will now also include correct parsing of the icons.
  • Fixed arrow keys input
  • Fixed rotation issues iOS
  • Faster image loading
  • Show state of usb connection or wifi connection in bar on bottom
  • Fix spaces issue in run batch file actions
  • Settings files are now created before connection attempts, allowing users to change the file to be able to connect
  • Redid the colorscheme of the actions
  • Add timer of 200ms to write text actions
- Settings as a list of categories
- Improved single instance application behaviour

Community requested
- Minimize on Boot
- Twitter account connection
- Twitter post message
- Run Powershell script
- Connection with OBS action
- Press Control when clicking on button with 'Go-To-Page Action' goes to that page.
- Twitch account connection
- Twitch set stream marker action
- Twitch chat message action
- Twitch chat clear action
- Twitch chat emote-only on action
- Twitch chat followers-only on action
- Twitch chat subscribers-only on action
- Twitch chat slow chat on action
- Twitch chat emote-only off action
- Twitch chat followers-only off action
- Twitch chat subscribers-only off action
- Twitch chat slow chat off action
- Twitch create clip

- (Action text) Start script for scripts / start app for links and applications
- OBS message volume set spamming when msgid was empty
- Maximized main screen
- Custom button layout per page
- Change background colors
- Gradient button colors
- Resized buttons
- New GUI visuals
- New Action add system
- New Action rendering system
- Latest JAVA version included in install files
- Latest version of XJS (XSplit) added
- Add update window when using old version
- Icon pack tile system - Version in title
- X = iconify - minimize added
- Iconify menu open and close added
- Desktop icon in setup
- Run after install in setup
- Help sections added
- On click free version message window with buy information pops up

Community Requested changes:
- Delete buttons on main screen
- Add Media Play pause toggle action
- Add Media Stop action
- Add Media Previous Track action
- Add Media Next Track action
- Add Media Volume up action
- Add Media Volume down action
- Add Media Volume mute action
- Add Open Folder action

- Removed sleep (not reliable function)
- Key presses F1-F12 better integration


Android App changes:
- Android 4.1 support
- Background color per page
- Different grid sizes per page support
- Gradient background color for buttons
- BUGFIX - minimum and maximum port number crashes
- BUGFIX - Fix on scan fragment crash

IOS App changes:
- iOS 9.3 support
- Background color per page
- Different grid sizes per page support
- Gradient background color for buttons


- SLOBS integration
- One instance feature, Touch Portal will start just one time.