- Settings as a list of categories
- Improved single instance application behaviour

Community requested
- Minimize on Boot
- Twitter account connection
- Twitter post message
- Run Powershell script
- Connection with OBS action
- Press Control when clicking on button with 'Go-To-Page Action' goes to that page.
- Twitch account connection
- Twitch set stream marker action
- Twitch chat message action
- Twitch chat clear action
- Twitch chat emote-only on action
- Twitch chat followers-only on action
- Twitch chat subscribers-only on action
- Twitch chat slow chat on action
- Twitch chat emote-only off action
- Twitch chat followers-only off action
- Twitch chat subscribers-only off action
- Twitch chat slow chat off action
- Twitch create clip

- (Action text) Start script for scripts / start app for links and applications
- OBS message volume set spamming when msgid was empty
- Maximized main screen
- Custom button layout per page
- Change background colors
- Gradient button colors
- Resized buttons
- New GUI visuals
- New Action add system
- New Action rendering system
- Latest JAVA version included in install files
- Latest version of XJS (XSplit) added
- Add update window when using old version
- Icon pack tile system - Version in title
- X = iconify - minimize added
- Iconify menu open and close added
- Desktop icon in setup
- Run after install in setup
- Help sections added
- On click free version message window with buy information pops up

Community Requested changes:
- Delete buttons on main screen
- Add Media Play pause toggle action
- Add Media Stop action
- Add Media Previous Track action
- Add Media Next Track action
- Add Media Volume up action
- Add Media Volume down action
- Add Media Volume mute action
- Add Open Folder action

- Removed sleep (not reliable function)
- Key presses F1-F12 better integration


Android App changes:
- Android 4.1 support
- Background color per page
- Different grid sizes per page support
- Gradient background color for buttons
- BUGFIX - minimum and maximum port number crashes
- BUGFIX - Fix on scan fragment crash

IOS App changes:
- iOS 9.3 support
- Background color per page
- Different grid sizes per page support
- Gradient background color for buttons


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- SLOBS integration
- One instance feature, Touch Portal will start just one time.


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- XSplit integration
- OBS integration for Mac
- OBS Connect
- Mute/Unmute for Audio source
- Default paths
- Path history
- Previous page action
- Windows Lock action
- Seamless connecting and switching between desktops.