@mrzed0w obviously have something configured wrong on his end since this have worked perfectly for everyone else it seems.

The only problems I've ever had with this was when first beta of using multiple tablets/phones at the same time it would kinda lock it to just one of them. But that was one BETA version and quickly fixed.

The other "problem" I have with this is that if you create a new scene, source, filter or whatever in OBS it will list them for you in touch portal but if you rename them you have to restart touch portal to make it update the name change so you can see them correctly and actually use them.

It's a simple thing and doesn't affect any use of this amazing program, and I don't really know if it's possible to actually make it update the info directly so I wouldn't be surprised if it was on my end. If anyone knows, please tell me :)
waste of money, the app works once then the app keeps having connection problems and i paid for the pro version about a year ago still does'nt work.

even the usb connection doesn't work not worth the money

Muitas funções, automações, possibilidades infinitas de aplicações.
Não encontrei nada melhor no mercado, ainda mais com o valor cobrado pela versão pro que eu super recomendo.
Suporte no discord não poderia ser melhor!
Simplesmente amo esse soft
Many functions, automations, infinite application possibilities.
I haven't found anything better on the market, especially with the price charged for the pro version, which I highly recommend.
Support on discord couldn't be better!
I just love this soft
I love TouchPortal! I use it to make OBS a multi-output video switcher (I use the main output as well as a scene projector).
The functionality I can achieve would cost literally many thousands of dollars in hardware. The macro setup with events and variables is also incredibly useful.
I've tried a lot of different apps to be able to use my tablets to control OBS and I always come back to this one. No other let you control everything in such a great way as this. To be able to control the actual filters in OBS to how easy it is to setup. It's amazing. And it isn't just for OBS. It let you control Streamlabs, XSplit as well. Even let you control your philips hue lights and photoshop. Well, with shortcuts basically any program/game.
So much you can do and integrate with TouchPortal. I'm a big big user and it has never let me down. The possibility to have custom buttons, different pages, and flawless integration with OBS and VLC is what really makes me happy. This has become an essential part of my streams and honestly, I wouldn't be able to do it if it were not for TP.
Been using touch portal since 2020 and it has made everything I originally did on stream easier and has given me avenues to get even more creative than I originally thought possible, runs perfectly on a simple tablet or phone and honestly unless you need/want tactile buttons, this is essentially a streamdeck
This just offers endless possibilities.
Insane software, great job!
Using Touch Portal for Premiere, OBS, Reaper, Zoom and RDT. It's been an integral part of my studio for several years now and keeps improving steadily. Couldn't work without it. First rate software!
Touch Portal is a fantastic piece of software and App. There are so many uses beyond what I personally use it for that I cannot even begin to explain how much it could possibly help your situation.
I use it for a soundboard to play sounds on stream, and also use triggers so that chat users can cause those sounds to be played.
I use it for OBS control as it has many functions that can automate camera and scene changes, and even elements within scenes.
Yes, those can be triggered by chat commands also !

There is a huge amount of functionality either built into or available through plugins for Touch Portal.
It is definitely worth learning.
This software is amazing. I have been using it for the past 3 years and I can say it's really grown and matured. It give custom functionality and you can do a lot more and have a lot more control then the leading competitors. Not to mention the the fact that it's semi-free is really nice. You can totally use it perfectly fine as just a free version. Or take it as a "try before buying" And paying it to unlock the extra features is way cheaper then buying into competitors ecosystem/alternative. The only con I have with it is that it's can be a little daunting at first but over all pretty easy to work with and the community behind it is very nice and helpful.
I would not stream or record without it. Handles all my camera angles and sounds, switches etc. Also added a large "button" that shows what is being streamed or recorded + statistics of bandwidth etc. So no need to have OBS open or in preview.

Honestly you do not need stream deck. Just get this instead.
is a MUST HAVE, TP is filled with plugins updates, its coommunity is AWESOME and its lifetime price is a joke
I've added a lot of plugins and tools to my stream setup over the past couple of years. Some of them have been minor upgrades, some have been a little more groundbreaking. But nothing has been as big of a game changer for me as Touch Portal. I can't imagine getting this much functionality out of any competitor, and for a lifetime purchase price of $20, it's worth every penny. The interface is robust, yet intuitive, and with the new plugins coming out all the time, the list of things it can do just keeps getting longer. The developers and the community are also very active and eager to help any time you run into issues with anything. I'm really happy with where I've been able to get with my streams, and I think I can safely say that without Touch Portal, it wouldn't have been possible.
I've been using Touch Portal (TP) for the better part of a year now. First being able to run this on a large screen tablet to get upwards of 110 buttons on a screen is Amazing! But you can also run it on a phone and just about any device out there will work with TP.

The level of functionality that's built in form the get go make this already a fantastic tool and the pro version being less than $15 makes it a steal. I couldn't run my streams or content creation without TP after using it for so long. Here's a small list of things you can do:
-Make a shortcuts page to make editing faster for photo/video
-Launch any website from a tap
-Control my house lights within the app
-Control my Voice Meter setup for diy Beacn Mix
-Complicated IF/ELSE statements that can be tied to values to make them "smart"
-See computer hardware stats with simple plugin

The list is gigantic so I'll stop it here. If you want a stream deck, get this, it can run wirelessly, and on almost any device and is just as powerful if not more so. I can't recommend this application more! Well done Dev team Y'all keep crushing it!
Move over Streamdeck, Hello Touch Portal!!

This has increased my productivity immensely and has enabled me to do things that I have only dreamed of doing.

This is an excellent piece of software and for less than the cost of a pizza I got a lifetime license..
Manage my streams, automate things for work, smart home control, play some music, and more. I mean, I do everything with it! Nice piece of software, great work!
This app seems to be what I need and I intend to upgrade to the pro version the moment everything fully functions. However, the desktop app can't communicate with the mobile app while the latter does with my PC. It says: "Partially (incoming only) connected to Android". I use the USB connection as the wifi connection won't work at all.
Fantastic - so useful, now an essential component that allows you to control almost everything in OBS Studio. There's even custom logic (if...then...) that makes this even more powerful. I spent hours coming up with buttons that allow me to automate everything I need for a live show
The older versions was...to be frank, not very user friendly. Downright awefull sometimes.

But after the latest updates, its become my most depended on recording tool (besides ofc OBS, duuh). They've completly redesign the button setup experince. Its now MUCH more easy to use, although it at times can be a little dumb.

I should also point out, I've tried almost every other tool like this, Deckboard, Macro Deck (which I used for quite the while) Matric. A LOT have I tried. But Touch Portal just has the most native integration into OBS. (Although, Volume Sliders I would like to see implemeted)

But, in the end, I forked out the 10 buck for it, and from now on never look back.
Hi Vinyl3r,

Thanks for your review, sliders are on our backlog and are coming soon.

If you need any other help, please head over tou our discord server.

Best regards,
The Touch Portal Team