This app seems to be what I need and I intend to upgrade to the pro version the moment everything fully functions. However, the desktop app can't communicate with the mobile app while the latter does with my PC. It says: "Partially (incoming only) connected to Android". I use the USB connection as the wifi connection won't work at all.
Fantastic - so useful, now an essential component that allows you to control almost everything in OBS Studio. There's even custom logic (if...then...) that makes this even more powerful. I spent hours coming up with buttons that allow me to automate everything I need for a live show
The older versions be frank, not very user friendly. Downright awefull sometimes.

But after the latest updates, its become my most depended on recording tool (besides ofc OBS, duuh). They've completly redesign the button setup experince. Its now MUCH more easy to use, although it at times can be a little dumb.

I should also point out, I've tried almost every other tool like this, Deckboard, Macro Deck (which I used for quite the while) Matric. A LOT have I tried. But Touch Portal just has the most native integration into OBS. (Although, Volume Sliders I would like to see implemeted)

But, in the end, I forked out the 10 buck for it, and from now on never look back.
Hi Vinyl3r,

Thanks for your review, sliders are on our backlog and are coming soon.

If you need any other help, please head over tou our discord server.

Best regards,
The Touch Portal Team
i first tried this as the free version. Then was instantly hooked! greatfully paid the one time low price and have never looked back. this is one of the best software I own. i do live stream for our church and this has made me feel lazy while doing it... it allows me to be more creative and they seem to update often.

I suggest you at least try this and see where it takes you!
What about Mac OS? We are stuck on the 2.1?!?
2.1.005 has bug fixes for Windows, there is no difference in features between them.
I love TouchPortal. It allows me to do so many things besides streaming. It plays sounds, starts software, changes scenes, turns on and off basically everything and the best is that the devs are friendly and help people out. It has a FREE and add free version which is amazing. This is the best alternative to expensive stream decks as I can use my ipad and phone.
Top banana!

Oh the joys of being able to toggle buttons.....
In all seriousness i thought v1.7 was great and bought the full version, now with v1.8 comes the system beginnings that look great.
This is a piece of amazing software. I really like it a lot and use it on a daily basis. Are you a game streamer? Can't afford an Elgato Streamdeck? Got an iOS device or Andoid one? then you should try this out, you wont be dissapointed. Support is terrific using thier Discord server and others are helpful too. There is a website that is being updated showing all compatible devices that have been tested to work.