window capture

  1. I

    Question / Help why does obs show black screen on window capture

    its not showing the other window just black screen
  2. H

    Question / Help View a source but not render it

    I need to view a source but do not want to record stream or render that source.
  3. H

    Question / Help Hi I want to interact with windows source

    Windows capture I need to interact control windows inside obs
  4. Sarbjot_Singh

    Question / Help Laptop, Black screen when capturing

    I have tried all possible solutions provided for black screen when capturing,on forum. Please help me with settings. I am uploading log files.
  5. R

    Question / Help Dual GPU, Dual Monitor League of Legends Window Capture Error. Blackscreen.

    Hello, im trying to help a friend fix her obs issues. She has an old laptop with Dual GPU (Intel integrated graphics and Nvidia NVS 5200M). She has a Graphics Tablet (XP-Pen Artist 16) which functions as a second monitor. Whenever it is connected to the laptop, league of legends is not...
  6. C

    Question / Help OBS Won't Capture Without SLI Active

    I have a single monitor gaming laptop, ASUS, a few years old, starting to get outdated but it still runs fine and runs my games without issues. About exactly 50% of the time for no discernible reason, OBS will refuse to acknowledge that the window I've selected is ACTUALLY SHOWING THINGS. Window...
  7. B

    Question / Help Program not on list for Window Capture

    I have a small program that is not a game that I want to record in the background, but it does not show up on the list of sources for Window Capture. The program is a simple panel of buttons that light up when I press them, but does not make any sound. Here is a picture showing the issue...
  8. V

    Question / Help Game capture and window capture do not work! Please help

    I've been browsing the internet for hours trying to resolve this problem! Using display capture is out of my comfort zone and I really would like to get this fixed I do not have duo graphics cards and I'm using a desktop PC Running OBS as admin and in compatibility mode has not done anything...