Setting a custom keyword for matching source titles


New Member
Hey, pretty much it would be helpful if there was a way to set a specific keyword to look for when matching a window to a title.
For example I'm trying to use the Dolphin emulator to play some GameCube games and the window that the game renders in will be titled:
"Dolphin [version number] | JIT64 DC | Vulkan | HLE | FPS | [game name]"

The issue with having it set to find similar title is that it will start to capture the game list if you close the game and try to swap to another.
But whenever the emulator updates, the version number goes up meaning I would have to go back through and fix all the sources or they wouldn't show up if its trying to match exact titles.
A great plugin would be setting it to look for a keyword in the title of the execution, such as the [game name] from my example above or any common part of the title.
And specifically for Dolphin this would add a lot of support for using it with OBS