Bug Report Window Capture Blank Only With Minecraft


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Ubuntu Mate 18.04
HP 15-cw1063wm
AMD Ryzen 5 3500U

OBS is failing to capture Minecraft using the window capture source. It captures other programs just fine, including the Minecraft launcher which is also java. I get the same empty source whether Minecraft is full-screen or windowed. I get the same results using Marco, Compiz, or kwin-x11. Reducing Minecraft's rendering quality doesn't help. I have also tried fiddling with "lock x server when capturing" and "use alpha-less texture format" (admittedly, not knowing what these settings do) without any improvement, except strangely, OBS seems to be able to capture Minecraft if it's in a window and it's being moved while "use alpha-less texture format" is unchecked, but stops capturing again the instant I stop moving it. (Video Demonstration) Analysis shows minor rendering lag, but that should not cause an issue like this. Minecraft appears to be captured properly by the screen capture source, but this is not a good workaround for me, because I don't want other applications to show when switching away from Minecraft.

Log for when Minecraft is windowed.
Log for when Minecraft is full-screen.


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Just wanted to mention that I am also having this issue. The issues is the exact same but to add on, it appears to only be Minecraft 1.13 and above that is causing this issue. I would guess they changed the rendering system a bit that is causing issues but beyond that I don't know right off. I also have a similar log:

Log file

Here is my current build:
Gnome 3.32.1
Ryzen 9 3900x
Radeon RX480
MESA 19.0.6


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Did some more searching and found this issue that appears to be the same. Using the new 24.0.0-rc1 build fixes the issue with new versions of Minecraft and all other LWJGL3 games. If you want to easily use the new version before your distribution includes it I am using the snapcraft version on the edge channel. You can see how to switch channels here.