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    Question / Help Fluctuating OBS frame rate when webcam is using MJPEG

    When I use my C922 it causes OBS to fluctuate frame rates. I've narrowed it down to the video format setting. MJPEG is the only video format option that I have for my Logitech C922, but I would like to be able to use another, for example, I420. My Logitech C920 uses I420 with no issues, but when...
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    Question / Help Webcam pixelated when streaming

    Hi everyone! So I’ve been trying to stream rust on twitch using obs.. but my webcam becomes so pixelated it’s unbearable! I have the res low, the FPS on 30. My lighting isn’t bad and yet it is awful quality! The stream is okay, it’s just the cam that lets it down! I’ve turned off all the...
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    Question / Help Webcam kinda bad when recording only?

    Using OBS to record to YouTube. On the preview it seems nice, but the final video is somewhat blurry and low res? Video on YouTube: Screenshot of OBS: (same lightning and everything, don't know if you can see the different...