1. R

    Question / Help Microsoft's Lifecam Cinema

    I recently moved my OBS to a different PC and uninstalled it on my "gaming" PC. Now I have no manual controls for my webcam (I keep it on my gaming PC for Twitch Sings). I'm now going to have to reinstall OBS just to have greater control over an "unsupported" webcam (WIN10 has only focus and...
  2. L

    Question / Help Webcam severely pixelated when Live

    My webcam is severely pixelated when live. I have down immense amounts of tests on everything hardware and connection wise with no red flags? Is there any simple fixes that other people have made? Like is there something common that occurs with Logitech C920s, a simple fix that I am just not...
  3. M

    Question / Help OBS and Logitech Webcam

    Recently had to reinstall Windows 10 and now whenever I go to Properties>Configure Video on my webcam I get these generic settings instead of the Logitech ones I used to have. I found a thread from 2018 where someone had the same problem and their solution was to update the Logitech drivers but...
  4. S

    Question / Help Using Sony FDR-AX33 as Webcam

    So my roommate has a Sony FDR-AX33 webcam which cost a small fortune. Rather than buy a webcam, we're trying to set this camera up since it's, well, really flipping good. It does have a fire wire to connect directly via USB, but OBS, nor any other program, recognizes it. I searched throughout...
  5. K

    Question / Help GPU usage issue + "an encoding error occurred while streaming"

    Hello, I've been streaming regularly for the past two weeks and I've had no issues whatsoever until recent updates (from 3 days ago or something) : the first one introduced this "an encoding error occurred while streaming" randomly happening when I stream, which I've never had before. It...
  6. N

    once Source, multi filters

    I am using OBS as streaming for multiple games, in some Scenes I need to Crop WebCam myself so I don't extend limit of place where my WebCam should be, However in other Scenes I do not need/like Crop but changing Filters effects all my WebCams, does it make sense?
  7. S

    Question / Help Aspect ratio issue with logitech C920

    I want to stream some card games and I need to use my logitech c920 to do so. When I put it in OBS as a video capture device it records in a really shitty and it records in a strange 4:3 aspect ratio. I need to record in 1080p (or 720p) in a 16:9 aspect ratio. How do I go about doing that? Ive...
  8. L

    Question / Help Streamlabs OBS Stuttering Elgato When facecam is added?

    Hey what's going on guys!! I recently started streaming, and I purchased an Elgato HD60s to use as my capture device. I stream off of my Omen Gaming laptop, while playing the game on my Xbox one x. I added the Elgato to Capture my game gameplay On streamlabs OBS, and everything looks absolutely...
  9. C

    Question / Help My webcam is losing signal ?

    Hello , I'm new to streaming so this may be a dumb question. When I start my stream everything runs smooth. Webcam is on , game video running great. After a minute or so my webcam says its losing signal and stops recording. The image of what it last captured stays on and the stream keeps working...
  10. J

    Bug Report Having the same camera with different resolutions.

    I have the Logitech C922 And I have a Scene with it at 1080p, 30fps. But then when I play I set it to 720p, 60fps. And when I switch scenes the camera goes black, I have to toggle it On/Off and it will work. Is there a way to fix this? I already ticked "Disable source when not showing"
  11. M

    Question / Help new Rzr Kiyo Displaying garbo? Log incl help So i've also been able to get a preview of the video via razer's software. Two problems for me 1 | choppy video, definitely not 60 fps @720 | 2 | there's this constant flicker on the bottom 1/5th of my webcam screen. I'll go live right now and clip...
  12. E

    Question / Help Webcam Quality Poor / Recording Uploads To YT Poor as well. /Confused

    Thank you ahead of time for any feedback or suggestions! I'm currently using an Elgato HD60S to record my PS4 Pro gameplay as well as livestream. I've been using Elgato's Game Capture software which has been decent. However, I've been frustrated that my webcam quality has been crappy even...
  13. B

    Question / Help How to slow motion live in webcam? pls help

    Can i use my webcam for slow motion in Live streaming? i have 2 webcam one is webcam logitech brio and C920 logitech. My two webcam is use for Live streaming in our Church Worship
  14. E

    Question / Help Camera randomly stops working

    I'm trying to record a video on OBS (camera only), and the camera (Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920) sometimes randomly stops working for some reason (the audio is fine (I only use the webcam's microphone as a back-up, otherwise I use a professional one)). On OBS' preview, when I'm not recording, it...
  15. P

    Question / Help Play video until webcam detects movement

    Hi guys, total noob when it comes to OBS, otherwise quite skilled when it comes to computers. Is it possible to have OBS playing a video from my HDD until the webcam detects movement? I would like to play an advert until I would step in front of the webcam. As soon as I'd move away from the...
  16. just_rsn

    Question / Help Avermedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus + Facecam = One only works.

    Hey ya'll. So basically the title says it all. I was streaming some Splatoon 2 after 3 hours of trying to get my newly bought Avermedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus last Friday, but I encountered something while in the process. My facecam wasn't apparently being activated, so I went into the...
  17. C

    Question / Help Steaming using and external PC webcam

    Hi there, Just a quick question, can you use a webcam on an external pc from the pc you are streaming from.? So say I have a friend on another PC at one end of the office and I want to use is Webcam in my stream, is there a way for me to remotely put his live video feed from his webcam to my PC...
  18. V

    Question / Help OBS forces C920 to 4:3

    Hello, i have been having this problem that obs seems to be forceing my webcam, the c920 into a 4:3 aspect ratio. I have tried a lot of the responses to people on other threads with this issue. Many say to just go to custom and set the res you want but when I do that my webcam always just...
  19. T

    Question / Help OBS does not recognize my webcam

    Hello, first of all, my problem is that OBS STUDIO DOESN'T FIND MY CAMERA. As in, when I try to add it, I can't find it as an option. I am using the camera of my computer, an MSI 7RFX Leopard Pro. I have allowed OBS to use my camera with the Bitdefender already and allow access with windows...
  20. xbbee

    Question / Help Can I use OBS final output video as a webcam input in another Laptop/PC ?

    I am live streaming on Facebook from one PC by using OBS and Logitech webcam. At the same time I am using different laptop and different webcam for video calling by using a different Facebook account. I want to remove the webcam used in second laptop (for video calling) and want to take input...