My webcam is delayed


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So I am using EpocCam since I don't have a real webcam, but the problem with EpocCam is that it is running behind, which makes the audio, which comes from another source, painfully dissynchronise. This has nothing to do with OBS itself, it is just something that happens when using EpocCam. So, my question is, would it be possible for me to delay the rest of the sources so my webcam is synchronised with the other bits?


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I use EpoCam as my webcam and get delays on a Windows 10 laptop.
Setting the camera process to a higher priority gets rid of the delay for me, maybe something similar would work for you.

In windows, go to task manager / details tab
then right-click on the process that runs your camera app (e.g. kinonisvc.exe for epocam),
then set priority / high.
It should then trump most other processes, and keep up.

I found this on tenforums, search for "set CPU process priority".