1. I

    Impossible to sync audio and video due to audio plugins causing targets to randomly move

    I've been trying and failing to sync all my audio (specifically outputs) and video for the past few days. I understand that it's impossible to sync everything 100% (as I'm not using something like Jack Audio that would actually sync the clocks of all these devices), but I'm not even able to keep...
  2. Akkiirah

    Syncing overlay color to ascent color in-game

    Hello, just a small question because I wasn’t able to find anything regarding this anywhere. I‘m searching for some plug-in or something else that shifts the hue of my overlay to the color of my game. For example, when walking in a grassy area, the overlay should be greenish. When beeing on the...
  3. W

    My webcam is delayed

    So I am using EpocCam since I don't have a real webcam, but the problem with EpocCam is that it is running behind, which makes the audio, which comes from another source, painfully dissynchronise. This has nothing to do with OBS itself, it is just something that happens when using EpocCam. So...
  4. T

    Source/Track 2 is out of Synch

    So i have had this problem for a week now. When using multiple tracks, track 2 and on are always out of synch. I completely uninstalled OBS with settings and I still ran into the problem. You can see it below with how it shows up on Premiere Pro
  5. W

    Audio and video not synchronized and key shifting of songs

    hey everybody part of the people who watched my recent stream on twitch, experienced huge synchronization problems between video and audio. Even the key of the songs - it’s a music stream - was dropping and rising sometimes about up to two halftones. When I watch the recorded stream in my...
  6. B

    Question / Help Audio Loses Sync within One Second

    Hi, I'm using the OBS Camera plugin to shoot video from my iPhone11, and the Focusrite Scarlett Audio interface to bring audio from my wireless mic into OBS. Working on a 2018 Macbook Air running 10.14. I shot a test video with this new set up, to figure out the lag offset. In iMovie I could...
  7. nicklaus-27

    Question / Help Mirror/Synchronize OBS on 2 Separate Computers

    Hi all, is it possible to mirror/synchronize OBS on 2 different computers in different locations? My situation is, I'm using OBS as a switcher/studio for a livestream on FB. My source is an NDI source from another studio, coming into my studio, which is the switcher to livestream. I want the...
  8. T

    Question / Help OBS went out of sound&picture synce during live broadcast

    I was filming a facebook live broadcast of a conference last week. All tests before the broadcast were fine, including an on camera speech test, recorded by OBS to the computer. At the live broadcast, which I also recorded by the OBS to a computer file - everything seemed to be fine, but when I...
  9. E

    Question / Help Audio Video sync problem

    Hi, I do a screen recording with OBS. I save the file as mp4 or mkv. Then I open the file in Audacity, amplify it and save it as a wav file. Then I open both video and audio in Powerdirector. This issue is present even if I extract the wav file using powerdirector. Apparently, no matter if the...
  10. K

    Align two instances of OBS

    Hey, I'm not exactly sure the right way to define this. In FMLE it is called streamsynchronization in Wirecast it is called keyframe align. I run two redundant computer encoders taking a live feed from a splitter to respective usb3 video capture cards. I need a way for the two encoders to...