1. A

    Using Fujifilm X webcam2

    I have installed the webcam 2 software and am able to control my X-T4 with it. However when trying to use OBS, the option is there to select the x webcam2 as a source for a video capture device, but nothing no video is coming through. I've contacted Fujifilm about the issue as well. At this...
  2. I

    Capturecard und Webcam gleichzeitig nutzen ( USB-Port )

    Hallo Leute , Ich habe über USB an meinem Laptop 1x CaptureCard angeschlossen und 1x Webcam ( Ich hatte schon mal das Problem das wenn ich die Capturecard in OBS genutzt habe , dass die Webcam zwar da ist aber ich kein Bild bekomme weil die CaptureCard schon als AUFNAHMEGERÄT verwendet wird ...
  3. W

    My webcam is delayed

    So I am using EpocCam since I don't have a real webcam, but the problem with EpocCam is that it is running behind, which makes the audio, which comes from another source, painfully dissynchronise. This has nothing to do with OBS itself, it is just something that happens when using EpocCam. So...
  4. K

    Webcam quality lowers significantly when game movement happens

    Hello! I've been having this issue lately where my webcam quality plummets whenever a lot of movement is happening in the game but when the game is still the webcam quality turns back to full quality. Why exactly is this happening? My settings are good as far as I'm concerned. Any help would be...
  5. A

    Add virtual microphone to select a media source like the virtual webcam

    Now that the Virtual Camera feature has been integrated into OBS, it would also be great if a virtual microphone feature could be integrated and then a media source like the virtual camera could be selected so that users can also hear the sounds of the virtual camera.
  6. Crimonit

    "Configure video" webcam setting is not working

    as title says, when i click on configure video button, nothing happens
  7. 2

    monitor and ouput

    I want this working.... Hello. I have been to every forum pertaining to ask how to get this to work.... essentially I want the 'monitor and output' option for the audio to broadcast to my speakers as it does with streaming platform. I personally use OBS studio as a webcam in order to control...
  8. S

    Streaming Chaturbate & Bongacams Low Quality

    So i started streaming 2 webcam sites at the same time, and im running into quality issues Im using the Logitech 922 and have 300mb internet Plug in Multiple RTMP Only one instance of OBS why is the quality lagging? when im streaming on both sites? when i switch to only one site it works...
  9. M

    Old Webcam Audio Stuttering?

    Hey gang, I see there are a few topics on stuttering audio and they all seem to have different answers. I don't know how unique my problem might be, but I can't find anything similar enough to answer my problem. I have an old LiveCam VX-1000 (It does work on windows 10. We found drivers.)...
  10. S

    Webcam works, but not in OBS

    Hi, my problem is pretty much what the title says. I have a webcam that use to work (around a month ago was the last time I used it), and suddenly it just stopped working in obs. I tried restarting my pc, changing the usb port it was connected to, creating a new capture under sources, nothing...
  11. P

    OBS Python Weather Text 1.0

    This small Python script retrieves the current weather data from OpenWeatherMaps and populates a text source field with formatted information. You'll need to register an account, create an AppID (Key) and search for a location to successfully retrieve the data. Currently English and German is...
  12. A

    Logitech C920 Aspect Ratio Stuck to 4:3 (Want 16:9)

    I cannot get the cam to appear in a 16:9 resolution/aspect ratio in OBS Studio 25.0.8. Here are my settings within properties: With these settings, the cam still appears as 4:3 within the preview window. My base resolution is 1920x1080 and there are large black bars on either side of the webcam...
  13. Bank47

    Question / Help WebCam mike is seperated to diferent channels

    Hi, this is my first post,and I thank you in advance for any help. Using my webcam for streaming/recording I have to add another source to have voice to my webcam picture source. Photo shows my setup. Is this normal or I am doing somethingwrong. Thanks. alf
  14. Dammie2000

    Question / Help Webcam Program Laggy While In-Game

    So I am using Droidcam and my old phone as my webcam since I don't have a good webcam right now. But as soon as I start a game, Droidcam becomes very laggy, gets slow-motion or just delays 5-10sec. However, when I'm in a game menu, or when I alt+tab out of the game it goes back to normal. I...
  15. C

    Question / Help Capturing Webcam and Keynote presentation on Macbook

    I am an OBS novice and have searched Google and Yahoo as well as the forums here with no luck. I am trying to record a series of Keynote presentations on my Macbook and external monitor with my webcam recording me at the same time in the bottom corner. When I put Keynote into presenter mode the...
  16. T

    Question / Help Webcam goes blurry/loses focus during streams!

    Hi, When I stream my webcam quality goes really Blurry/loses focus. It happens every so often during streams and then the quality goes back to normal. Not sure why it goes blurry, any ideas? Link below shows my issue If you need any details on my stream...
  17. K

    Question / Help IPhone 11 showing as Video Capture Device

    Hey all I’m running OBS on a Mac laptop and my iPhone shows as a Video Capture Device which I want to use as a webcam. The problem is the screen is casting from my phone so I see the record button, camera settings etc. Any way to remove this ? I was running the OBS camera app for a webcam on...
  18. TonyBabarino

    Question / Help Can I use laptop webcam (video capture device) in other scenes?

    I have Scene 1 and Scene 2. I have a Video Capture Device (laptop's webcam) and named it Webcam in Scene 1 as a source. But... When I go to Scene 2 and select that SAME ("existing") device for Video Capture Device for a source in it, the screen (video) is black! I thought that as long as the...
  19. M

    Question / Help Automatic webcam change

    Hello, I have a question I am hosting a lanparty, and we are doing the finals on stage. And we want to use 10 Logitech webcams for this, the only problem we find is that we don't know how to use the webcam's. We want to use in CSGO or League of Legends the spectator mode and automatic change the...
  20. R

    Question / Help Webccam source working until I restart

    So I recently bought I cheap Logitech c525 as a handcam. It shows up and works, and changing the webcam properties in OBS works. But when I close OBS and reopen it, the source displays nothing and I can't do anything about it. It only shows up in OBS after closing it if I leave the webcam on...